The Lion's Shrine was a mosque dedicated to Hajama that was located in the great fortress of Sarahin.[1]


The Lion's Shrine was located deep within the Haunted Lands of Zakhara in Sarahin.[1]


This mosque of Hajama, and the surrounding minarets, were decorated with beautiful green tile.[1]

A pair of griffon statues sat on either side of the main stair leading to the shrine's entrance. Farouk Abd al-Bazan stored his gritty phoenix powder poison within a hidden compartment located under the wing of the northernmost statue. While invisible, he checked on his cache daily to make sure it was secure.[1]

A lion pit housing a grown lioness stood in the courtyard of the mosque. The pit was the site of the Lion's Mouth, a test of courage for holy slayers.[1]

The main altar of the mosque held the Heart of the Lion, the most cherished relic of the Everlasting.


Daily prayers were held at the Lion's Shrine. The sacred texts of Hajama were stored within, but only the most devout of holy slayers were allowed to enter. Guards from the Courageous were stationed at the entrance at all times to prevent intruders.[1]



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