The Lion's Sword was the Tethyrian sword of state, wielded by princes and kings of the kingdom for centuries.[1]


The state sword of Tethyr had a hilt of gold, carved into the shape of a lion. The body, rear legs and tail made up handle and pommel, with its forelegs and front paws forming the crossguard. The head of the lion had open jaws, with diamond-encrusted mithral teeth set into the groove of the blade, which extended from the gaping maw. Two rubies were inset within the lion's eyes.[1]


The sword was originally forged for King Alemander I by a dwarven ally of his in the Year of the Rose Pearls, 1122 DR. The wizard-king further enchanted the blade, transforming it into a flame tongue. It was wielded by the monarchs and heirs of Tethyr until the Year of Starlight, 1215 DR, when King Coram IV forged the Sword of Starlight for his son Haedrak II.[1]

The Lion's Sword was wielded by the Shade King Kymer,[note 1] the illegitimate son of King Alemander II,[2] before it was reclaimed by Haedrak II when he reclaimed the throne of Tethyr in the Year of the Wall, 1227 DR.[1]

It was believed to have been lost when King Jaszur was killed in Waterdeep in the Year of the Ormserpent, 1295 DR,[1] but was returned to the kingdom by Haedrak, the long-lost son of Alemander IV and rightful heir to the throne, some seven decades later.[3][4]



  1. Page 27 of Lands of Intrigue: Erlkazar and Folk of Intrigue refers to the Shade King as "Kymerm".


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