Liono Marlot was the tactician of the hammership, the Probe.[1]


Liono was a short and slender man. He had a quick tongue.[1]


Liono was good friends with the ship's weapons master Bubbo, and the two spent much of their off-time sharing drinks in the officer's saloon aboard the Probe. He was also a long-time friend of the first-mate Aelfred Silverhorn.[1]


On the journey from Krynn to Toril, while in the flow, the Probe was attacked by a neogi deathspider. As tactician, Liono's advice was to run fast, not because of cowardice, but because a deathspider's most powerful armaments were at its aft. Bubbo argued instead that they should turn and face the deathspider, since the hammership's most powerful weapons could only fire forward. The first-mate ultimately chose Bubbo's plan.[1]

During the battle, the spidership pinned the smaller vessel in its grappling ram, and the Probe was boarded by human and demihuman slaves and raging umber hulks. During the bloody fight, Liono was impaled by a spear thrown from one of the assailants.[1]




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