The Lionshield Coster was a merchant company based in the fortified city of Yartar in the Savage Frontier.[1]


The merchant company's symbol was a blue lion painted on a wooden shield.[1]

The merchant company were able to ship finished goods, such as supplies of armor and weapons, to small settlements and towns all throughout the northwestern region of Faerûn. One such settlement was the newly settled, in the 15th century DR, frontier town of Phandalin near the Triboar Trail and the Sword Mountains, however the outpost was hit hard by banditry.[1]


In 1491 DR, shipments heading towards the Phandalin post were not received, indicating that bandit activity in the area had seized the goods. Linene Graywind, who ran the post, was aware that there had been raids on their caravans before. Due to her suspicions, she refused to sell weapons to the Redbrands, a bandit group known for trouble-making. However, it was actually the goblins of the Cragmaw tribe that had stolen the goods.[1]



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