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Liths were a psionic type of magical beast.[1]


Liths were often described as looking like ugly or even misshapen stone statues. They had horns jutting from their foreheads, clawed hands on long arms, and a strong bite. A lith's body was not lithe; it was quite lumpy and some had actually twisted body parts. Their faces were universally described as ugly.[1]

A lith looked like a stone statue with skin looking like unworked stone. They did not need to eat, drink, or even sleep. They also could not suffocate.[1]


Liths were practically always chaotic evil. As mentioned above, they had no need to eat, drink, or even breathe, and they killed others, by burying them alive or killing them outright, simply because they found it fun.[3]


Liths had psionic abilities. They could psionically cast meld into stone as often as they wanted, passwall and wall of stone three times per day, and flesh to stone and stone sphere once per day. They tried to use these abilities when they caught their enemies by surprise.[3]

Liths looked like stone statues and were capable of standing still for any length time they wanted, effectively posing as statues. This was the primary means by which they surprised others. Their ability to hide was tremendously increased when they could use worked stone as a background for camouflage.[3]


When liths were encountered by themselves, they were either alone or in pairs. From time to time, they were found as guardians for caravans or treasure vaults employed by creatures who were more powerful than themselves. In the case of protecting treasure vaults, they were often paid well. The same races also sent them on special errands.[3]


Changestones was a spell that changed stones into fake liths with no psionic abilities.[4]