Little One was an ogre scholar that lived and studied in Candlekeep during the late 15th century DR. He was a reticent individual, unlike others of his kind, who found a haven in the library-fortress after being shunned by the rest of "civilized society". He was well-liked by the monks of Candlekeep and his intellectual pursuits were nurtured by their warmth and encouragement.[1]

Little One regularly stayed at the Hearth, the predominant festhall found in Candlekeep.[1]


A few years before the Year of Twelve Warnings, 1494 DR,[note 1] the ogre later known as Little One was as savage as any other of his species. One day, he encountered a halfling in the possession of a gold headband of intellect, whom he then killed without a second thought. The ogre recovered the magical item, attuned to it and placed it upon his own head.[1]

After gaining a genius-level intellect offered by the headband, the ogre became remorseful over the murder he committed. He sought to learn as much as he could, to combat the ignorance and the violence that previously filled his life, and adopted the name "Little One". He chose that name to honor the slain halfling whose death spurred his new life as an intellectual.[1]


In addition to the headband that so dramatically altered his life, Little One owned a copy of The Sum of Theology written by Saint Vetheera.[1]



  1. Canon material provides two distinct dates for the events described in Baldur's Gate: Descent into Avernus: the adventure itself, described in chapters 1 through 5, takes place in 1494 DR, according to events mentioned in pages 7 and 47, while the Baldur's Gate Gazetteer describes the city as of 1492 DR (p. 159).


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