The Living Axes were a dwarven cult dedicated to the worship of sentient items.[1]


Living Axe sects typically worshiped and obeyed the orders of sentient weapons. These weapons were often either the prison of a malevolent spirit or being controlled by one.[1]

Their most prominent leader was a double-bladed, bronzed adamantine battle axe of unknown origin, from which the organization got its name.[1]


Members of the Living Axe believed that the numerous magical items created over the years by dwarven smiths were guided by a divine inspiration that lived within the items themselves. They often sought to extend the rule of the items that led them over small communities of halflings, gnomes, and even humans.[1]

Other members of the organization sought to create more magical weapons - this often took the form of two weapons that were inspired by relics of Myth Drannor, the guardian blade and watch axe.[1]


Living Axe priests typically carried multiple throwing axes and wore fantastical piked helmets.[1]



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