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Aglarond 4E

The Aglarond region of Living Forgotten Realms is mapped onto the southeastern United States, including the states of Virginia, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, and Georgia.

The Aglarond region in-game comprises the nation of Aglarond and its environs, such as the Dragonjaw Mountains, the Yuirwood, and Sildëyuir.

At a Glance Edit

Admins Edit

Point of Contact Mike Lee email
Writing Director Bill W. Baldwin email
Events Manager Paige Leitman email

Yahoo Groups Edit

From long-standing practice, Living campaigns and the regions within have a Yahoo group for members to discuss current ongoings. It's a convenient mechanism for players to talk amongst themselves and also the campaign staff.

The Yahoo group for Aglarond is "lfrseusa":

Local area forum groups:

  • Atlrpga: Atlanta, Georgia
  • BAR: Ft Lauderdale, Florida
  • CLT gamedays: Charlotte, North Carolina
  • ColaRPGA: Columbia, SC
  • FRAG: Orlando, Florida (This is in limbo as of 11/15/08 as they're are in need of Officers to continue)
  • KnoxRPGA: Knoxville, Tennessee
  • Legion Gamers: Lynchburg/Roanoke, Virginia
  • Middle TN Realms: Downtown Nashville, Tennessee
  • LFRNashville: Hermitage, Tennessee
  • Lost Goblin: Raleigh, NC
  • March Wardens: Durham, NC
  • Memphis FORGE: Metro Memphis, Tennessee
  • NWFL RPGA: NW Florida RPGA: Destin, Eglin AFB, Fort Walton Beach, Pensacola, Niceville
  • RTP RPGA: Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill, NC
  • SCRAG: Melbourne/Palm Bay, Florida
  • Tampa Area Gamers: Tampa, Clearwater, and St. Petersburg, FL
  • TVGA: East Tennessee: Chattanooga, Cleveland, Crossville, Knoxville, Maryville
  • WARG: West AL Roleplayers & Gamers: Tuscaloosa/Birmingham, Alabama

Conventions Edit

Conventions that occur in the real-world region of Aglarond include the following:

D&D World Wide Game Day Sites within Aglarond are:

Aglarond Adventuring Companies Edit

Aglarond Griffonriders
The fabled Griffonriders of the Aglarond military are an elite aerial unit of the Aglarondan military that specialize in fighting while riding griffons in flight.
The Black Fleet
A Pirate Fleet for scurvy lads, cuthroats, thieves, swashbucklers, and all who live to ride the seven seas and answer to no one. You can be in our fleet and join another adco as well.
Blackmantle's Import/Export & Salvage
A global adventuring company with offices in Velatar. Open to all characters with a nautical feel.
The Bonesetters
The Bonesetters are a league of Aglarondan worshippers of Kelemvor. All of its members' lives have been marked by the depredations of Thay and its hordes of undead. If you want to take the fight to the necromancers and empire builders go check out our yahoo group.
House Nelath
House Nelath is an outcast drow house whose members live on the surface of Faerûn in the heart of the Yuirwood.
Le Poison Fromage
For people who wish to play with a fake French accent.
Masters of the Yuirwood
Wardens of the Yuirwood, and masters of the menhir circles that dot the forest.
Yuirwood group
Keepers of the Yuirwood- a group of elves and other fey creatures that live in the Yuirwood forest.

Geography Edit

Aglarond Edit


The Simbul

Also see the FRWiki article on Aglarond

Aglarond is a human nation in the southwestern part of the Unapproachable East known for its population of half-elves and for its former leader, the Simbul. Though most of its land is covered by the Yuirwood, only the northern coastal shore is largely inhabited. Filled with magic and mystery, with foes on nearly all sides, and with a now-absent leader, these are tough times for the simple people of this land.

Yuirwood Edit

Also see the FRWiki article on Yuirwood

Once home to a powerful nation of elves, today the Yuirwood forest is the site of ancient ruins and pockets of plaguelands formed in the wake of the Spellplague. It is located in the center of the nation of Aglarond, and is populated by elves and half-elves. At one point the reclusive star elves inhabited the Yuirwood, but they fled to a new realm in the face of constant human expansionism. The ruins in the Yuirwood are the remnants of their original society. A property of the Yuirwood is that it is impenetrable to detection and scrying magic.

Sildëyuir Edit

Also see the FRWiki article on Sildëyuir

Sildëyuir was demiplane of finite size that was conterminous with the Yuirwood in Faerûn, perhaps two to three hundred miles from end to end. After the cataclysmic events of the Spellplague, much of the Sildëyuir has merged with the Feywild. It is the home of the reclusive star elves who constructed the realm nearly two thousand years ago. This twilight realm has many of the same features and hills as the Yuirwood, and its borders match those of the Faerûnian forest. Sildëyuir's forest is not as thick as the Yuirwood's, and unlike the humidity of the Yuirwood the air of Sildëyuir is cool. Elegant buildings of crystal dot the land, constructed by the star elves. Just before the events of the Spellplague, this land came under attack by the extraplanar Nilshai.

Organizations Edit

Aglarondan griffonrider - Matthew D. Wilson

Aglarond Griffonrider

Aglarondan Griffonriders Edit

All griffonriders hold the rank of velskoon, which is the equivalent of a mid-level officer in the Aglarond army. They are given broad powers to appropriate soldiers, enforce the Simbul's will, and in general keep the peace. They serve as palace guards, scouts, messengers, or company commanders. Also, due to their loyalty, they are sometimes asked to leave their griffon mount behind and undertake spying or infiltration missions.

Masters of the Yuirwood Edit

An elite group of forest wardens, the masters of the Yuirwood patrol their ancient forest and keep it free of evil. They also do their best to stop the slow receding of the forest in the face of human expansionism. Notable among their skills and powers is that they can use the menhir circles of stone that dot the Yuirwood to transport themselves across their domain, and some say also to other lands.

Aglarond Army Edit

Aglarond has three small armies. The Army of the Green Drake is a force of 4,000 troops stationed at the Watchwall, ever-watching towards Thay. The Army of the Lion is stationed in Emmech. There are also an additional 500 soldiers at Velprintalar along with the Simbul's navy, comprising a dozen warships crewed by 1,000 sailors. Aglarondan soldiers are typically infantry who are armed with swords and bows. Only about 15% of their force is mounted, including roughly 100 griffonriders.

Sons of Hoar / Verdant Arrows Edit

These two groups might be too evil, so it's unclear if they'd be appropriate for player-joinable orgs. The former group is a secret society to make Aglarondan rule exclusively human. The latter group is a secret society to promote half-elves and expel humans from Aglarond.

Temples Edit

The humans of Aglarond are not especially devout; the farmers tend to worship Chauntea and the sailors Selûne. However, in the biggest permanent settlement deep in the heart of the Yuirwood stands the House of the Leaflord, one of the largest temples to the elven deity Rillifane. It is presided over by Ilmiryl Oakheart, a half-elf druid of notable power.

Races Edit

From Scott Horn, writing admin:

As far as the races to be included in the PHB, 4E FR book, and the known promotional cards are concerned:

You have the more liberal humans that comprise the majority of Aglarond's human population, who live mostly on the coast. There's also the xenophobic humans of the Fang and Altumbel, who consider their lands to be separate nations from Aglarond.

The half-elves are split primarily between the city-dwellers and those who serve as a buffer in the land between Aglarond and the Yuirwood, though plenty live within the Yuirwood alongside the elves.

The elves primarily keep to the Yuirwood and consider themselves a separate nation from Aglarond, though they tend to keep friendly terms with outsiders.

Some eladrin may have made their way through the Star Elves' portals into the Yuirwood from the Feywild.

There are small communities of halflings in eastern Aglarond, and they are generally left to their own in any dispute between Aglarond and the Yuirwood.

There really aren't any dwarves in the mountains of Aglarond; any dwarves you encounter are generally travelers of some sort, though there could certainly be various families who've made it their home.

Any gnomes will most likely be the same as dwarves.

Orcs, a race that comprises a large portion of Thay's troops, are going to be generally distrusted if not treated with outright hostility. The exception might be with those familiar with Thesk, which is where most free Grey Orcs live.

There might be a few water genasi amongst those who live along the coast; fire genasi might be treated poorly due to an implied relationship with Thay. Earth genasi might come from the lands near the Watchwall. Can't really think of where air genasi may come from, but all of the genasi would be rather rare.

Tieflings might suffer from the same stigma as fire genasi, thanks to the hostile relations with Thay.

Shadar-kai tend to carry an air of menace about them, and due to their association with the Empire of Netheril are going to be kept at a distance.

Dragonborn are mysterious and alien, so will be dealt with cautiously.

Added races from the Player's Handbook two

Devas are very rare almost everywhere, but due to the number of forest clearings and other areas that could be considered sacred in Yuirwood, Devas may find themselves re-incarnated in Aglarond

Although Dwarves aren't commonly found in the Mountains of Aglarond, nomadic tribes of Goliaths are fairly common, although these lumbering mountain dwellers don't usually leave their mountain homes, Adventurers may be found among them as much as among the other races.

Suffering almost the same amount of prejidice as their orcish cousins, Half-orcs are treated with scorn and contempt as much, if not more than Orcs, they are commonly found as renegades from Thay.

Shifters of both varieties are found in the forests of Aglarond, normally found in small bands or solitary, they coexist semi-peacfully with the fey of Aglarond but sometimes are driven to the adventuring life

Scenarios Edit

Faeries, sprites, nymphs, and dryads – the fey creatures of Faerûn's wild places are often dismissed as nuisances and pranksters. Those who truly understand the fey know that as with all things natural, there is a darker side to these creatures of fancy. Could a rash of stolen food and sleep dust traps point to a more sinister threat lurking on the wild side of reality? A Living Forgotten Realms adventure set in Aglarond for characters levels 1-4.
Available Now. This scenario is part one of the Tome of Twilight Boughs major quest.
The Sea of Fallen Stars is the lifeblood for many who live along the coast of Aglarond. For the men and women who ply their trades over its dangerous depths, the sight of a lighthouse means a welcome return to the relative safety of shore. That is, of course, unless the lighthouse in question is no longer dedicated to guiding travelers along the safe path… A Living Forgotten Realms adventure set in Aglarond for characters levels 4-7.
There are those in Aglarond who seek to undo the harmony that defines this peninsular nation. A request for aid from a local wizard draws you into the savage underbelly of the slums of Old Velprintalar to confront these villains and put an end to their plans. A Living Forgotten Realms adventure set in Aglarond for characters levels 7-10.
Available Now: This senerio is part one of the Something Smells in Veltalar major quest.
The Tome of Twilight Boughs is a legendary book of powerful ancient Yuir rituals protected by cryptic magic. The tome, or a copy of it, has recently been found. A half-elf scholar believes he has decoded a portion of it and now invites adventurers to help verify his findings. But how exactly does one verify the contents of a book over 2,000 years old? This adventure is part two of the Tome of Twilight Boughs major quest, which began in AGLA1-1 Lost Temple of the Fey Gods. A Living Forgotten Realms adventure set in Aglarond for characters levels 4-7.
Available now.
The commander of the Watchwall is looking for adventurers for a special mission into the Tannith Mountains. The Watchwall is always undermanned and Captain Arol thinks he may have found some new recruits. But war, like politics, can make for strange bedfellows. A Living Forgotten Realms adventure set in Aglarond for characters levels 1-4.
Available now. This adventure begins the Circle of Stone and Invisble Road major quests.
  • AGLA1-6 Twisted Roots Run Deep by Jared Fegan
In Old Velprintalar, where those neglected and forgotten by society live and die in squalor, power can be had by a strong arm, a few coins, or powerful influence. Cutthroats, thugs, and thieves thrive here – but to what purpose? Plans once thought put to rest now have new life. A Living Forgotten Realms adventure set in Aglarond for characters levels 11-14. This adventure is a sequel to AGLA1-3, though play of the prior adventure is not required.
Available Now. This scenerio is part two of the Something Smells in Veltalar major quest.

  • AGLA1-7 Twilight Ambitions
  • Scheduled for release in Q4 2009, will be for levels 7-10 and will conclude the Tome of Twilight Boughs major quest.

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