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BaldursGate 4E

The Baldur's Gate region of Living Forgotten Realms is mapped onto Mexico and the Central and South American countries, including but not limited to the nations of Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Peru, and Venezuala.

The Baldur's Gate region in-game comprises the city of Baldur's Gate and its environs, including the Cloak Wood forest and possibly even Candlekeep.

At a Glance Edit

Admins Edit

Point of Contact Virgilio Giron
Writing Director Otávio Gonçalves
Events Manager Carlos Lourenço

Yahoo Group Edit

From long-standing practice, Living campaigns and the regions within have a Yahoo group for members to discuss current ongoings. It's a convenient mechanism for players to talk amongst themselves and also the campaign staff.

At present there is no known Yahoo group for the Baldur's Gate region.

Geography Edit

Baldur's Gate Edit

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In the middle of the Sword Coast, just south of the great cliffs that lie between it and Waterdeep, Baldur's Gate is a metropolis of roughly 40,000 people. Due to its location between Amn and Waterdeep, it engages in a good amount of trade. The city is divided into upper and lower quarters, with the upper half lying within the original walls of the city, and the lower half (and poorer half) located between the original and newer walls.

The city is run by four grand dukes, the most notable being Eltan (LN human fighter) who is also the commander of the mercenary group "Flaming Fist". The guards of the city are dressed in black helms with red stripes, but it is said that the unofficial army, in times of need, are the Flaming Fists. A powerful thieves guild is also present in Baldur's Gate, run by Guildmaster Ravenscar (LE human rogue).

The city has several temples, but the three most noteworthy are to Gond (the High House of Wonders), Tymora (the Lady's Halls), and Umberlee (the Water Queen's House).

Candlekeep Edit

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Devoted to the famous seer Alaundo and to the preseveration of the seer's predictions and writings, Candlekeep is a many-towered citadel overlooking the sea. It is ruled by the Keeper of the Tomes, his assistant the First Reader, as well as up to eight Great Readers. They are aided by the Chanter (in charge of hymns and chants to Alaundo), the Guide (in charge of teaching) and the Gatewarden, who deals with security and visitors. The monks of Candlekeep call themselves the Avowed.

Speaking of visitors, the cost of entrance to Candlekeep is a book worth no less than 1,000 gp. Visitors can't stay longer than a 10-day (a week in Faerûn's calendar), and they can't return until at least a month has passed. Outsiders are not allowed to copy any of the books, since the monks sell that service for 100 gp per text, or 10,000gp per spellbook.

Candlekeep has many wards that protect it, including a ward for preventing any paper to ignite, another ward to block any teleportation magic and harmful spells, killing all mold and insects, as well as other hidden properties. There are a total of 60 warriors who constantly patrol the walls as well. It is said that something sinister guards the catacombs and storage rooms beneath Candlekeep as well.

Cloak Wood Edit

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South of Baldur's Gate, the Cloak Wood is an ancient forest filled with fey, beasts, and other assorted monsters. The scholars of Candlekeep say that numerous portals to other parts of Faerûn are hidden therein.

Organizations Edit

Note: At the present time, it is not known what types of Affiliations or Meta-Organizations will be made available to players. The following is a list of existing canon organizations that might later on become something that players can join.

Flaming Fist Edit

The mercenary company the Flaming Fist is well respected in Baldur's Gate, and has ties to the highest levels of government. They serve as Baldur's Gate unofficial army, at a discount, in exchange for a subsidized base of operations.

Thieves' Guild Edit

Baldur's Gate has an active and strong thieves' guild. The guild is currently run by a human female named Nine-Fingers Keene. She is one of Baldur's Gate's most powerful citizens. Nine-Fingers has a candidate of her own in mind to succeed Portyr in the event that the Grand Duke abdicates or passes away.

Before the Spellplague, the Baldur's Gate thieves' guild was rumored to be associated with the church of Mask. That was not an unusual association considering the guild's activities.

Churches Edit

In Baldur's Gate one will find many different faiths. Of note are the temples of Gond (Neutral god of invention), Tymora (Good deity of luck), and Umberlee (Evil goddess of the sea). South of Waterdeep in Candlekeep there is also a small temple to Oghma (Neutral god of knowledge).

Races Edit

Primarily human, with some gnome pilgrims to Gond's High House of Wonders.

Scenarios Edit

You have come to the city of Baldur’s Gate in search of adventure and quickly discover the Flaming Fist, one of the largest and most powerful mercenary companies in all Faerûn. To survive in this teeming metropolis, you must prove both your physical and political prowess, and the challenges you will face might turn out to be far more complicated than you imagined. A Living Forgotten Realms adventure set in Baldur’s Gate for characters levels 1-4.
This adventure is available now.
You are asked to recover a stolen statue from an abandoned mansion in the Bloombridge district of Baldur’s Gate. What seems to be a simple task quickly turns into a night of terror. The timing of these events seems more than a bit coincidental. Can you protect the locals and still survive long enough to unravel the mystery? A Living Forgotten Realms adventure set in Baldur’s Gate for characters levels 4-7.
Available Dec 3, 2008.
When a Scribe of Candlekeep betrays his brethren to pursue his own goals, terrible knowledge escapes the walls of the Edificant Library. Who will take the responsibility of wielding this power? A Living Forgotten Realms adventure set in Baldur’s Gate for characters levels 7-10.
Available March 25, 2009.
A distraught father has gotten no satisfaction from the city authorities of Baldur's Gate, so he turns to sellswords in hopes of finding his lost daughter. The truth of her disappearance may reveal dark secrets from the city’s past – secrets that those on both sides of the law would kill to protect. A Living Forgotten Realms adventure set in Baldur's Gate for characters levels 1-4.
Available June 24, 2009.
An unseen menace lurks in the Cloak Wood. The common folk of the villages and logging camps along the perimeter of the forest have begun to vanish. The forest is filled with beasts, monsters, and vicious fey. And if that wasn’t enough, the investigation just might end up involving you in an ancient, endless struggle. A Living Forgotten Realms adventure set in Baldur’s Gate for characters levels 7-10. This adventure begins the "Fey Gates of the Sea of Swords" major quest.
Available August 12, 2009.