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EastRift 4E
LFR Pacific-US Region
Huddled on the eastern shelf of the yawning Underchasm, East Rift is a living symbol of gold dwarf ingenuity and stubbornness, having survived when the surface collapsed into the bowels of the Underdark. Protected by enormous towers connected by a high curtain wall, the gold dwarves are ready to defend themselves against the drow or any other horror that rises from the depths.[1]

The Pacific US has been assigned the East Rift of Living Forgotten Realms; this includes Alaska, California, Hawaii, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington. [2] [3]

At a Glance Edit

Administrators Edit

Point of Contact Mike Rizzo
Writing Director Bill Benham
Events Manager Josh Kaufman

Yahoo Group Edit

From long-standing practice, Living campaigns and the regions within have a Yahoo group for members to discuss current ongoings. It's a convenient mechanism for players to talk amongst themselves and also the campaign staff.

The Yahoo group for East Rift is "lfrpusa":

Local area forum groups:

Gaming Events Edit

Major Area Conventions Edit

Major conventions that occur in the real-world corresponding to the East Rift region include the following:

  • OrcCon: Los Angeles, CA — February 13 - 16, 2009
  • Gamestorm: Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA — March 25th through 28th, 2010. Will include a lot of LFR including East Rift mods, plus special intro sessions for new players. Previous conventions have included seminars with WotC staff.
  • Gamex: Los Angeles, CA — May 22 - 25, 2009
  • Kublacon: SF Bay Area/Burlingame, Ca — May 22-25, 2009
  • ComicCon : San Diego, CA — July 23-26, 2009
  • Pacificon: Santa Clara, CA — August 29th-September 1st, 2008
  • PAX, Penny Arcade Expo: Seattle, WA — September 4-6, 2009. (Sign-up for 2009 games on Warhorn.)
  • Gateway: Los Angeles, CA — September 4-7, 2009

Recurring Gamedays Edit

Recurring gamedays are public events that are somewhat frequent, whether weekly or monthly, in public locations such as game stores. For a variety of reasons, sometimes these don't occur as planned. Confirm the event you want is taking place before showing up.


  • none yet

California, Northern

California, Southern


  • none yet



  • Portland pdx_rpga. Periodic and recurring gamedays are scheduled through the pdx_rpga Yahoo group.


  • none yet

Adventuring Companies Edit

The RPGA has provided official rules for Adventuring Companies. The following Adventuring Companies are based in the East Rift:

Company of the Sundered Hall

An all-Dwarven Adventuring Company, borne from the ashes of a once-proud Clan of Dwarves. The Company of the Sundered Hall hones its skills until the day comes to restore their Clan. Players that wish to join the AC should follow the link above to request membership, but must have a PC that meets the following requirements:

  • PC race must be dwarf (any subtype, though Gold is most common)
  • PC must either be from the East Rift region or have a role-playing link to the East Rift region (a relative, history of travel to the region, compassion for the region through hearing tales, etc.)
  • PC must take an oath to defend the East Rift region from all threats (including the Underdark and neighboring regions). An oathbreaker must leave the organization unless pardoned by a vote from all current members of the AC.
  • PC must take an oath to do all they can to help reclaim the Sundered Hall (the ancient clanhold now lost within Underhome). An oathbreaker must leave the organization unless pardoned by a vote from all current members of the AC.

A group of spellplague smitten non-dwarves who think they are dwarves. Open to all non-dwarves who hail from East Rift.

Huruafair House Guard

A mostly PC-driven family of mercenaries. Popular classes are fighter, rogue, warlord, and warlock. Races include human, half-elf, and the elf races (drow, eladrin, elf).

Geography Edit

Great Rift-old

East Rift is a term used to include the East Rift itself, the now drying plain called the Shaar Desolation, portions of the Underchasm, and the border port city of Delzimmer.[4]

East Rift is what is left of the dwarven Great Rift and is located just north of Dambrath in the great Velt of Shaar. Dambrath is located just east of what used to be Halruaa. East Rift is also located directly south of the old kingdoms of Chessenta, Threskel and Unther.

Once the easternmost part of the Great Rift, this portion of the region survived the collapse into the Underdark. The area features a country-sized shelf overlooking a yawning abyss. From their great towers, the gold dwarves stand fast to repel dangers coming out of the unimaginable depth... [5]

Eartheart Edit

The capital of the East Rift, Eartheart is a large city built vertically along the Rift's cliff face. Trade and industry are booming in Eartheart, with the demand for raw materials creating a need for those willing to delve into the underdark for ore and other materials. The city is fortified against the dangers of the underdark, including the continual risk of invasions by the drow and their cohorts. More than one tale of far worse dangers abounds. Known locations include the Crafty Kobold Salvage Company within the warehouse quarter. [6]

People Edit

Many different races have found a reason to call the East Rift home. However, the main inhabitants are Gold Dwarves.

Gold Dwarves Edit

The dwarves of the South are shorter, being stocky and muscular with dark ruddy skin. Hair is important to gold dwarves, with even some women taking care of the grooming of their beards. Hair color is black to dark brown and worn long. Eyes are usually hazel or brown, though a dwarf born with green eyes is considered lucky.

Their name comes from the importance they give both to wealth and craftsmanship. The two are intertwined - wealth is meant to be displayed and equipment is best when it is adorned and made of fine materials by a master smith.

Gold dwarves are known to be proud to the point of arrogance and the exclusion of other races, though this changed with the Spellplague. Gold dwarves now welcome others to the East Rift.

Shield Dwarves Edit

Shield dwarves are taller and heavier with fair skin. They can be found in the East Rift, primarily as visitors and traders, but are common only outside the South. [7]

User Templates Edit

The following templates may be of interest to players in the East Rift region:

You can become a part of these categories and display these user boxes on your user page. To display the user box, insert {{User East Rift}} and/or {{User Dwarf}} somewhere in your user page. To become part of the category, insert [[Category:User East Rift]] and/or [[Category:User Dwarf]] at the end of your user page.

Scenarios Edit

The Crafty Kobold Salvage Company has fearlessly plumbed forgotten treasures from the depths of the earth for many years. Now the owner's son has gone missing and he needs adventurers of uncommon mettle to brave the dangers of the Underdark, find the lost explorers, and perhaps even unlock the ancient secrets of Lodestone Deep. A Living Forgotten Realms adventure for 1st to 4th level characters.
Premiered at Gencon and for public release on Aug 27th, 2008.
Gnolls swarm across the river, over the palisades, and into the dusty streets of a halfling settlement on the edge of the Eastern Shaar. Hapless hin and their hurbryn neighbors cry out for protection from these marauding dogs. Why are the gnolls attacking this backwater in such numbers tonight? Who is the real leader of the pack? A Living Forgotten Realms adventure for characters of 4th to 7th level.[8]
Available Dec 10, 2008.[9]
An attack of foul creatures has forced the closure of a dwarven mining operation. Adventurers are needed to investigate the threat and make the mine safe for reopening. A Living Forgotten Realms adventure set in the East Rift for characters levels 7-10.
Available Jan 7, 2009.
A simple caravan run to the free city of Delzimmer takes an unexpected turn. It's said that there is no honor among thieves. Unfortunately, their struggles can still cause collateral damage, and the future of the Crafty Kobold Salvage Company hangs in the balance. A Living Forgotten Realms adventure set in the East Rift for characters levels 1-4.
Available Apr 15, 2009.
You have been tasked to travel through the Chondalwood in an attempt to retrieve a doppelganger spy working for the dwarves of Eartheart. However, any task involving a doppelganger is sure to have its complications... A Living Forgotten Realms adventure set in the East Rift for characters levels 4-7.
Available August 5, 2009.
The Crafty Kobold Salvage Company has lost contact with an expedition to the ruined outpost of Fardrop. The mission is simple, but the true situation is far more complicated than the dwarves realize. A Living Forgotten Realms adventure set in the East Rift for characters levels 7-10.
November 18, 2009.
The dwarves of Eartheart have delved into the wrong cavern and offended a colony of myconids. Apologies must be made, or the price for the dwarves could be steep. A Living Forgotten Realms adventure set in the East Rift for characters levels 4-7.
December 16, 2009.

Scenarios are discussed and rated on the Gleemax forums. Please be aware that spoilers may be present.

Scenarios are also rated on the Gamer's ClubHouse. Create an account and select whether you would like to see spoilers or just the ratings.

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