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Welcome to the Living Forgotten Realms Portal, a guide to the newest Living campaign from Wizards of the Coast.

Living Forgotten Realms Regions

Living Forgotten Realms is broken into 12 playable regions of Faerûn that map onto real-world regions.

Recent Events

Getting Started

You will need the following to participate:

There are also many more resources available for LFR players.


LFR has many scenarios available for play, including:

Campaign Staff

  • Program Manager for Organized Play: Ian Richards
  • Overall administrator for LFR: Chris Tulach

The global administrators are as follows:

  • Shawn Merwin: Western Hemisphere - North admin
  • M. Sean Molley: Western Hemisphere - South admin
  • Pieter Sleijpen: Eastern Hemisphere admin
  • Greg Marks: Mini-Campaigns

Each region's page has more info on the regional admins.

What is a Living Campaign?

The Living Forgotten Realms campaign was an immense game played out in events throughout the real world. Living Forgotten Realms was a 4th edition living campaign sanctioned by Wizard's Role-Playing Group Association (RPGA). It was launched in August 2008 at Gen Con as a successor to version 3.5's Living Greyhawk campaign and had its finale at Winter Fantasy 2014. During its run, LFR released hundreds of adventures supporting the entirety of 4th Edition play from 1st to 30th level.

The continent of Faerûn in the game world was divided into several nations and political states. These nations were mapped onto sections of the real world for purposes of administration. Each region hds a special flavor setting it apart from other regions, allowing players to immerse themselves in the intrigues of their home region or join the turmoil in other regions.

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