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Waterdeep 4E

The Waterdeep region of Living Forgotten Realms is mapped onto the middle northen united states, including the states of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Kansas, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, and Missouri.

The Waterdeep region in-game comprises the city of Waterdeep and its environs, such as Ardeep Forest, the Kryptgarden Forest, and the Sword Mountains.

At a Glance Edit

Admins Edit

Point of Contact Ryan Page Kappler
Events Manager Rick Brown
Writing Directors Claire Hoffman and Keith Hoffman

Yahoo Group Edit

From long-standing practice, Living campaigns and the regions within have a Yahoo group for members to discuss current ongoings. It's a convenient mechanism for players to talk amongst themselves and also the campaign staff.

The Yahoo group for Waterdeep is "lfrncusa":

Geography Edit

Waterdeep lucio parrilo
Also see the FRWiki article on Waterdeep

Castle Ward Edit

At the very center of the city is Castle Ward, which includes Mount Waterdeep, the castle of Waterdeep on top of it, the palace of Waterdeep, and the homes of some wealthy inhabitants (though not quite its richest -- that honor belongs to the Sea Ward).

Dock Ward Edit

In contrast to the Castle Ward, the Dock Ward is dirty, filthy, and dangerous. It smells of fish, and the city watch does little in this area other than make sure that lawlessness does not spread to the other wards. There are many bars, and many brawls, in this ward.

North Ward Edit

The wealthy middle-class, the lesser nobles, and the traders call North Ward home. It is very peaceful and boring.

Sea Ward Edit

By its nature a seeming oxymoron or perhaps contradiction, the Sea Ward is home to the wealthiest of people of Waterdeep, despite its proximity to the sea (and the smell of fish) and the presence of a large arena in its midst, the Field of Triumph.

Southern Ward Edit

Primarily a staging point for caravans, with many warehouses, inns, and the largest concentration of foreigners, the Southern Ward (or just "South" to the Waterdeep locals) never sleeps, with loading and unloading of goods a constant sight. The City Watch keeps a close eye on this Ward and patrols it frequently.

Trades Ward Edit

The major guilds of the city, and their artisans, are located in the Trades Ward. Much like the Southern Ward, it is constantly bustling with activity, with many oil lamps and continual flames to keep the place serviceable at night.

Undermountain Edit

A vast labyrinth under Waterdeep, Need more info...

Skullport Edit

The hidden "undercity" of Waterdeep, located deep in Undermountain, which would be the equivilant to the black market, with exotic creatures, and equally exotic, yet mostly illegal, goods/services. Need more info...

Organizations Edit

Note: At the present time, it is not known what types of Affiliations or Meta-Organizations will be made available to players. The following is a list of existing canon organizations that might later on become something that players can join.

City Watch Edit

Police force. Need more info...

City Guard Edit

City Guardsmen-Vinod Rams

Professional soldiers. Need more info...

Guilds Edit

Mostly stripped of their power. Even the thieves' guild has been run away (to Skullport).

Watchful Order of Magists and Protectors Edit

All arcane-casters must join this "order" (really more of a glorified guild). Membership costs 40gp, with no annual dues. The Order offers its members rare magical components for sale, as well as other services.

Churches Edit

All religions find a home in Waterdeep, but in particular the religions of Deneir, Mystra, and Oghma are well respected.

Races Edit

Waterdeep and the surrounding countryside has a population of over a million people. The city itself accounts for roughly 132,000 of that total.

The majority of the population is human (>60%), with some dwarves (10%), elves and eladrin (10%), halflings (5%), half-elves (5%), gnomes (3%), half-orcs (2%), and a smattering of genasi and dragonborn.

Scenarios Edit

An old tutor asks the adventurers to recover a stolen family heirloom for a “down-on-their-luck” Waterdhavian noble family. A Living Forgotten Realms adventure set in Waterdeep for characters levels 1-4.
Available now.
Adventurers are the only hope of a servant who seeks her missing brother. Will the heroes be in time to save the boy and best the villains? A Living Forgotten Realms adventure set in Waterdeep for characters levels 4-7.
Available Oct 22, 2008.[1]
A rich Waterdhavian guild wants to lay its former guildmaster to rest in lavish ceremony, but the guild tomb is occupied by undead. Adventurers are sought to clear out the undead and discover clues as to how they came to be there. A Living Forgotten Realms adventure set in Waterdeep for characters levels 7-10.
Available Feb 18, 2009.
The Necromancer strikes again at Waterdeep and the brave adventurers must unravel the mystery behind his revenge. This adventure is Part 2 of the major quest Quest for the Necromancer, and follows the story in WATE1-3 The Woolmen’s Restless Tomb. A Living Forgotten Realms adventure set in Waterdeep for characters levels 7-10.
Available Apr 8, 2009.
As a deep fog blankets the Crown of the North, a fish gifts the adventurers with the chance to do a good deed. Returning lost property seems like an easy task. A Living Forgotten Realms adventure set in Waterdeep for characters levels 1-4.
Available July 15, 2009.

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