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The Lizard Marsh was a large bayou in the delta of the Delimbiyr river meeting the Sea of Swords.[2][1]


The Delimbiyr river, also called the River Shining, plunged into the bogs and scattered waterways of the swamp delta. The Marsh was filled with cold and humid hanging moss-filled mangroves. The marshes did not freeze over in the winter, turning into slush instead. Sages were not sure of the reasons why that was the case. Some believed it was because of the seawater, while others suspected a magical phenomenon.[2]

A subterranean underwater cave connected the old dried-up well in Daggerford's Western Farmlands. The tunnel could only be traversed by the strongest swimmer and aquatic creatures.[3]



A variety of monstrous creatures and voracious insects inhabited the Lizard Marsh, including the eponymous lizardfolk[1] who pestered and menaced settlements with often raids. Lizard-men of the marsh traded looted goods and slaves with intelligent aquatic races of the Sea of Swords.[2] A species of bipedal humanoid lizards - the muckdwellers, lived in the shadows of the lizardfolk of the Marsh. These creatures were intelligent rebought to use tools and build rafts but were not as advanced as the lizardmen that dominated the region.[4]

Among other dangerous inhabitants of the marsh were giant spiders, dire spiders, wraith spiders, some also included bloated queen spiders of these species. Several species of giant beetle could also be encountered in the swamp, including giant bombardier beetles, stink beetles, and giant stag beetles. Among more mundane animals, wild dogs, badgers, and vicious piranha were a common occurrence. Rarer and deadlier creatures in the green muck included young black dragons and even younger wyrmlings, and even an occasional hungry bulette.[3] Several species of small and medium-sized dinosaurs were known to inhabit the Lizard Marsh, many of whom were tamed by the lizardfolk of the region.[2] A huge species of dinosaur known as the thunderbeasts[5] were known to have inhabited the region or its adjacent lands at some point before the 14th century DR. By the late 14th century, their presence was only evident by sets of thunderhide armor favored by the wild druids who called the Lizard Marsh their home.[6]

By the 15th century DR, more common encounters within the marsh included giant frogs, giant lizards, giant centipedes, stirges, constrictor snakes, and will-o'-wisps. Bullywugs, harpies, trolls, and green hags were among more intelligent inhabitants of the swamps, while hydras were also not unheard of.[7]


A species of giant gourds was a staple of the area. These enormous edible fruits were hollowed out and dried by the lizardfolk of the Marsh, making them into oversized containers, often bigger than an adult human in size. These gourds were painted, decorated, and used to store various liquids, such as freshwater, fermented alcoholic libations, and small swimming snacks. One such gourd became a curio item known as the Castaway Gourd and was displayed in Torleth's Treasures of Gillian's Hill.[3]

A species of flowering plant, simply called brightflowers could be found along the water edges in the marsh. This hardy plant had bright yellow flowers that, when crushed, served as a natural leech and mosquito repellant.[8]


Even though several tribes of lizardfolk dwelled in the marsh, many of them were united under the leadership of an ancient and cunning lizard-man known to others as Redeye. The leader was known to use magical powers to impress his followers.[2]

Several of the tribes splintered from Redeye's rule and worshiped black dragons as their gods, namely dragons Thuraskulusk[3], Thoss Fyurnen, and Cheleen.[9]


In 302 DR, the settlement of Tavaray, which was located on the edge of the Lizard Marsh, was abandoned by its inhabitants and swallowed by the swamp's rising waters. That was one of the factors that contributed to the diminished influence of Illuskan on the Sword Coast south of the Sword Mountains.[10][11]

Circa 1357 DR, a lizard man witch doctor named Redeye was attempting to unify the lizardfolk of the marshes. To this end, he was attempting to trade metal weapons from nearby Daggerford's armory[12] and merchants, in exchange for bird feathers and various delicacies. However, the request was shut down by Daggerford's Council of Guilds.[13][note 1] During the same stretch of time, Baron Cromm Redhand was a common sight in the Lizard Marsh, where he game-hunted dinosaurs and an occasional lizard-man.[12]

Many years before 1370 DR, a group of heroes ventures into the muck of the Lizard Marsh and slew the king of the lizardfolk known as Redeye. However, circa 1370 DR, a lizard man lich calling himself Redeye reemerged in the Marsh and took over the leadership once again. It was not known if the undead Redeye was indeed the same Redeye who was killed by adventurers, however, many researchers and scholars were interested in the nature of that mysterious lich lizardfolk.[14]

Sometime before 1372 DR, a group of adventurers led by Emythene Faldree, traversed the dangers of the Marsh. The deadly trek cost many companions' lives as they battled with nature, lizardfolk, black dragons, poisonous snakes, and giant snapping turtles. The adventurers' exploits were published in the book titled Beware the Lizard Marsh! that served as a guide and a cautionary story.[3]

1372 DR was a tumultuous year for the inhabitants of the Lizard Marsh. A lizardfolk tribe, led by a shaman Uzzak-Szalzik and chieftain Saslick took to worshiping an ancient black dragon Thuraskulusk, slitting from under Redeye's leadership. Conniving ruler, Redeye allied with the Green Hag of Lizard Marsh and the Hero of Daggerford to bring the tribe back under his control. The hag, who feuded with shaman Uzzak-Szalzik, provided the Hero and their companions with magics that disguised them as lizardfolk, while Redeye stole Thuraskulusk's egg and ordered the hero to stash it in chieftain Saslick's hut, framing him for the egg's theft. Eventually, the plan succeeded and the angered dragon slew chieftain Saslick and withdrew his protection of the tribe.[3]

Sometime in the late 15th century DR, the galleon named the Sea Robber was washed ashore by some mysterious great wave and sank within the putrid waters of the Lizard Marsh. A part of the ship, along with numerous shattered barrels, was accessible from the swamp, appearing nothing but a dark mound rising from the mud.[15]

Notable Locations[]

  • Cromm's Hold, a stone keep owned by Duchess Wynne Cromm.[1]
  • Krandon Manor, a stone house, long abandoned leftover from the time then Daggerford attempted to expand into the Lizard Marsh. In the late 15th century DR, the manor was occupied by inbred and especially ugly half-orc, half-dwarf Clotskull tribe of orc bandits.[16]
  • Tavaray, an abandoned settlement, reclaimed by the swamp in 302 DR.[11]

Notable Inhabitants[]

  • Caustilancer, a black dragon who laired in the Marsh in the late 15th century DR.[17]
  • Mama Booga, a matriarch and leader of the inbred orcs of Krandon Manor in the late 15th century DR.[16]
  • Redeye, the ancient leader of the lizardfolk who returned to life as a lich after being slain by a gang of adventurers.[14]
  • Thoss Fyurnen, an adult black dragon and the Chosen of Talona who, along with his mate, Cheleen, laired in the Lizard Marsh and planned on taking over the region in the late 15th century DR.[9]


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  1. While the exact year is not stated, Pwyll Daggerford became Duke after his father's death in the First Dragonspear War of 1356 DR.


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