Llandrydd's Steel was a mercenary company based in Vilhon Reach and active also in the Sea of Fallen Stars around 1358 DR.[1]


They were divided into two units: the Steel, 150 fighters led by Llandrydd; and the Auxiliary, 80 pike wielders.[1]


In battle, the Steel often wrapped around the Auxiliary.[1]


The Company preferred time periods–specific jobs; if the time expired but the job was not finished, they asked to renegotiate or they left. They normally charged 500 gold pieces per day for their services, half in advance.[1]


The Llandrydd were founded by Llandrydd Wyvernheart, a recruiter who decided to form a standing company after an extended period of action. They were decisive in the battle against the arcanaloth Yrkhetep.[1]



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