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The Llewyrr were a race of elves that once held sway over the isle of Gwynneth and perhaps others of the Moonshaes but as humans began to colonize the islands the Llewyrr decided to retreat to Synnoria and isolate themselves.[1]


The Llewyrr are very similar to those called the high elves[2] and it is suspected the they were the descendants of the survivors of a shipwrecked elven vessel that was on a pilgrimage to Evermeet, but only the Llewyrr can know for sure.[1]


The Llewyrr expanded the capital city of Chrysalis and enhanced its beauty with works of magic into a dazzling settlement of glass, crystal, and silver. But over the centuries much of Chrysalis became quietly abandoned due to the dwindling population. Births were rare and cause for great celebration, but they were not enough to replace those lost to natural causes, accidents, and battle. Male children were especially rare and many of the traditionally male duties were taken over by females, including the defense of the realm. The warriors of the Llewyrr were called the Sisters of Synnoria and rode white chargers into battle with silver lances and enchanted longswords.[1]

The Llewyrr were vegetarians, shunning all meat, and the animals of Myrloch Vale were either trusting friends or treated as pets. Trout were regarded as sacred creatures that some believed represented the spirits of their ancestors.[1]


Synnoria, the Llewyrr realms, was founded by elves from the Llewyrrwood fleeing the Vyshaan occupation of their homeland in −9800 DR. They named the realm after their queen who had led them over the sea.[3]

Long before the humans arrived in the Moonshaes, dwarves began to immigrate and lived in peace with the Llewyrr mostly due to the fact that they did not compete for resources. The dwarves lived underground and in barren and rocky terrain in which the Llewyrr had no interest. When the Beast in the form of Kazgoroth rose to threaten the Balance by calling the firbolgs to kill and pillage, the Llewyrr and the dwarves, aided by the children of the goddess (Leviathan, Kamerynn, and The Pack) fought them for decades. Eventually the allies drove the firbolgs into small corners of the isles and balance was restored for a few centuries. When the short-lived, prolific, and aggressive humans started to arrive, the Llewyrr began their retreat into isolation.[4]

In the Year of the Saddle, 1345 DR, the Sisters of Synnoria were in service to Prince Tristan Kendrick of Corwell.[5] They escorted the prince and his companions through Synnoria while holding off an army of Northmen.[6] Later, they were involved in was the Battle of Freeman's Down and the siege of Caer Corwell, both against the Bloodriders, undead horsemen that served Kazgaroth the Beast.[5]

Synnoria was attacked by the Ityak-Ortheel in 1365 DR when Malar and Talos sent it through a portal but the elf-eater was defeated and banished back to the Abyss after it had destroyed Argen-Tellirynd, the Palace of Ages.[7]

Legends among the Llewyrr foretold a resurgence would one day bring them back to dominance of the Moonshaes,[8] but they always doubted this legend until it proved true when the entire island of Gwynneth was taken over by noble eladrin leading to humans being banned from its shores in 1375 DR.[9]


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