Lliira's Night was an annual festival holiday that honored the goddess Lliira on the 7th of Flamerule.[1][2][3]


Some time prior to the 14th century DR, Lliira's Night began life as a festival confined to the city of Waterdeep.[1][3][2]

By the late 15th century, this festival had spread from its native city to Baldur's Gate and across the Sword Coast. Around this time, a store in Baldur's Gate by the name of Felogyr's Fireworks used smokepowder fireworks to celebrate the event and over time it quickly became a staple tradition within the holiday.[2][4] In Waterdeep, handling of the celebration's fireworks was the duty of the city guard.[2]


The festival consisted primarily of dances and balls, which were held throughout a city. In Waterdeep, the high-point of these nightly balls was the "Cynosure Ball"—this was jointly sponsored by the Church of Lliira's clergy, the local nobility,[1] and the Lords of Waterdeep.[3] Outside of formal balls, carefree dancing and various other pursuits that fell within the Lady of Joy's purview were prevalent in festhalls all throughout.[1]

During this holiday, many were known to dye their clothes or armor in colors of blue, antique gold, and coppery-orange. Many were also known to wear ceremonial, star-shaped masks. Cuisine commonly associated with the festival included barbecued meats[4] as well as juices and alcoholic beverages of a pink color.[2]



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