Llorbauth was the capital of the kingdom of Erlkazar in the Lands of Intrigue.[1]


Llorbauth was the largest city in Erlkazar, with a population of 28,000 in 1370 DR.[1]


The city was located in Shalanar Barony,[1] on the southern coast of the Deepwash—locally called Shalane Lake[1]—and north of the Thornwood.[3] It was surrounded by agricultural fields.[1]


The city and its country were ruled by King Korox Morkann in 1370.[1]


The capital city had official trade deals with Nimpeth, Ormpetarr, and several other ports in the Vilhon Reach, by means of the Deepwash and the Wintercloak River.[4] A full 40 percent of the nation's sea trade came through this city, and the king controlled trade coming in and out of the port and the majority of the agricultural trade as well.[1]

Llorbauth was famous for a particular beer brewed in the city, known as Old One Eye, which was particularly popular among adventurers south of Cormyr.[3][5]

Notable LocationsEdit

The king's royal stronghold.[1]
Hills' Cheer Distillery & Brewery 
The source of Old One Eye.[1]
Lost Lovers' Pool 
A sea cave located north of the city.[1]
The Mystics' Academy 
A school of magic located south of the city.[1]
The Lore Halls 
A temple to Oghma.[6]

The Harpers also maintained a teleportation circle in a safe house somewhere in the city.[7]



The king's castle of Klarsamryn was 500 years older than most of the rest of the city.[1]

In the Year of the Staff, 1366 DR, a floating mountainous fortress, known as the Obsidian Ridge, appeared over the city of Llorbauth.[12]

After the Spellplague, because of the machinations of a vampiress named Saestra Karanok, the city dwindled in population to fewer than 10,000.[2]




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