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The Lluirwood, or the Long Forest[1], was a forest in Luiren.[2]


Lluirwood made up the northern border of Luiren.[2] The Lluirwood spanned 300 miles (480 km) east to west across Luiren and was roughly 90 miles (145 km) wide[3]. It sat on a ridge in the shadow of the Toadsquat Mountains, making it more temperate to other forests in the Shining South.[1]


The Lluirwood was a dense forest. Originally, it covered more of the land, but after the Hin Ghostwar ended in −65 DR, the strongheart halflings cleared parts of it to make room for permanent settlements.[2]


The Lluirwood was the original homeland of all three subraces of halfling. Those three tribes (lightfoots, stronghearts, and ghostwise) lived nomadic lifestyles in the forest and shared its resources among themselves. Around −100 DR, a ghostwise halfling cleric named Desva began leading the ghostwise in the worship of Malar and violence, causing the forest to become a savage place and beginning the Hin Ghostwar. The war ended in −65 DR when Desva was slain and the ghostwise imposed exile on themselves to the Chondalwood. Subsequently, most of the lightfoots left the area in a diaspora across Faerûn and the stronghearts began clearing areas of the forest for permanent settlement.[2]


The forest was inhabited by monsters, including those that came down from the Toadsquat Mountains, including tall mouthers and trolls. Some halfling druids, rangers, and rogues called the forest home despite its dangers.[2]

A plethora of dangerous creatures including stirges, spiders, snakes, large insects, and even bandits populated the eastern region of the forest. The western region of the forest was much safer thanks to the efforts of a priestess named Nola Treestump. She faced a constant struggle against the monsters and bandits who tested her boundaries whenever they could.[1]


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