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Locate creature was a divination spell that allowed the caster to sense the location and movement of a well-visualized creature.[citation needed]


Similar to locate object, this spell could find a creature familiar to the caster within a radius of at least 560 ft (170 m) —the range increased with the experience level of the caster but would not cross running water. Locate creature could also find a creature by race or species (such as an elf or an umber hulk) as long as the caster had previously met or at least seen one from a distance of 30 ft (9.1 m) or less. This spell could not locate objects and could be fooled by mislead, nondetection, and polymorph spells.[citation needed]

This spell was incapable of penetrating through crystal spheres and could not travel through the void of wildspace. However, it could extend to its full range inside the phlogiston.[7]


The material component for this spell was a tuft of fur from a bloodhound. The spell also had a verbal component and part of the somatic component was to turn slowly around in a circle until the desired creature was sensed.[citation needed]


In the 14th century DR, the Diviner's Guild of Ravens Bluff actively sold scrolls containing locate creature for around 2,350 gp.[8]


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