Locate creature was a divination spell that allowed the caster to sense the location and movement of a well-visualized creature.


Similar to locate object, this spell could find a creature familiar to the caster within a radius of at least 560 ft (171 m)—the range increased with the experience level of the caster but would not cross running water. Locate creature could also find a creature by race or species (such as an elf or an umber hulk) as long as the caster had previously met or at least seen one from a distance of 30 ft (9.1 m) or less. This spell could not locate objects and could be fooled by mislead, nondetection, and polymorph spells.


The material component for this spell was a tuft of fur from a bloodhound. The spell also had a verbal component and part of the somatic component was to turn slowly around in a circle until the desired creature was sensed.


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