Log of everburning was an enchantment spell that could keep a wood fire burning brightly for many hours without consuming the fuel.[1]


This spell had to be cast on a wooden object no larger than 1 ft3 (0.03 m3) per level of the caster (a torch, chair, or wooden chest, for example). The object then had to be ignited either before or after being enchanted with log of everburning. Once lit, it burned brightly and gave off twice the normal amount of heat for an hour per level of the caster, not showing signs of being consumed until the spell expired, whereupon the object crumbled to ash.[1]


Only verbal and somatic components, plus a wooden object, were required to cast this spell.[1]


Log of everburning dates back to the time of the first Netherese empire and was a first-level druid spell of the terrestial winds.[3] It was also available to specialty priests of Amaunator[4] and Moander.[5]


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