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Lonefang Mountain, or simply Lonefang, was an exceptionally frigid mountain and, by far, the northernmost named peak in northwest Faerûn.[1]


This peak was shaped much like the pointed front part of a boat. It was reported that it could be seen by gazing out at the horizon from the north-facing mountains of the Spine of the World. Its only known entrance was an extensive shaft that penetrated a northern slope from above, and ended in a cave that was filled with the ice of a frozen lake.[2]

Lonefang Mountain had several subcaverns, such as a bonepit, a central cavern that held several magical items, and a cavern filled with chunks of metal ores. There was also a long, trap-filled tunnel that was overlooked by a large ledge, which led to further storage caverns. Each storage cavern opened into the next via a frozen waterfall containing gems. Not all of the interior of Lonefang was a series of caverns, though. One tall and wide vertical shaft existed, in order to allow a dragon to quickly ascend or descend via flight.[2]

Inside this peak was also an iron prison that its owner used to confine small creatures and humans. The prison itself was cylindrical with many chambers.[2]


Lonefang was so far up north that it was isolated from almost all sites of interest, except from the Dragonholes. This frozen mountain was 250 miles (400 kilometers) north of the eastern part of the Spine of the World.[1]


The frozen lake of the entrance itself served as a point of defense. Arauthator, who dwelt here, was known to cast spells at intruders who wished to make it further into the cavernous network.[2]

There were no known guards in this lair.[2]


In the 14th[3] and 15th centuries DR, Lonefang was the main home of the chaotic evil white dragon, Arauthator.[4]

Rumors & Legends[]

Though it only had one visible entrance, this lair was thought to also have an underground back entrance near the Worldwyrm's Teeth. This back entrance was said to exist several miles to the north and west of the lair and could be accessed via glacial rifts.[2]

According to a victim who escaped Lonefang Mountain, the prison within looked incredibly similar to a gnomish craft that was used to travel to other crystal spheres.[2]


Arauthator, the Old White Death, made his main lair here. He was known to gleefully laugh as he made his way to the lower-most storage cavern. Once arrived, he would roll around in the bed of gems and purr, much like an excited cat.[2]



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