A longbow is a two-handed, martial ranged weapon of the bow family.[4]


The longbow is a flexible shaft of wood (or horn or bone) about 4 to 6 feet (1.2 to 1.8 meters) long with the ends connected by strong cord or a gut string that is a little shorter than the shaft, causing the wood to bend and keep the string under tension. For a composite longbow, the shaft is made from laminated materials (again, horn, wood or bone) and fashioned with a recurve, meaning the bow remains bow-shaped even when unstrung.[5]


The length of a longbow can vary up to about the height of the archer but it quickly becomes unwieldy, getting caught on things or tripping the user. Composite bows are stronger than normal bows and therefore can translate more of the archer's strength into range and damage. Bows require two hands to fire and a good amount of practice in order to hit a target. Therefore, the longbow is considered a martial weapon. You may not use a longbow while mounted, however you may use a composite longbow from the back of a mount.[6]


Aquatic longbow 
A weapon favored by the aquatic elves with a kelp string.[7]

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  • Catti-brie owned a magic longbow by the name of Taulmaril.
  • The goddess Ehlonna was known to favor longbows.[8]



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