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The longspear is a simple, two-handed melee reach weapon of the pole arm family.[1]


Just as the name implies, a longspear is a longer version of the spear. Longspears range in length from about 8 to 15 feet (2.4 to 4.5 meters), any spear longer than this is called a pike in the classification system described in pole arms. The shaft is almost certainly made of wood and of a relatively small diameter to keep the weight down. The shaft may be sharpened to a point or may be tipped with a wide variety of spearheads, commonly made of metal. An average longspear with metal spearhead costs 5gp and weighs 9lbs (4.1kg).[2]

Ornamented, ceremonial, and war spears. (zoom in for detail)
1. Rough surfaced iron blade. 2.Elliptic iron spearhead. 3. Bilaterally barbed iron spearhead. 4. Brass pike head with mythical bird ornaments. 5. Deeply grooved fine ironwork, silver ferruled shaft. 6. Deeply grooved, median ridge, brass ferrule. 7-8. Steel blades, wrapped brass wire. 9. Long iron blade. 10. Blade of iron, thickened at distal end and tapering toward shaft. 11. Short, broad iron spearhead. 12. Finely wrought-iron spearhead; brass ferrule and iron shaft socket; hardwood shaft wound with spirals of figured brass and sheathed with alternating brass and silver bands.

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Longspears require two hands to maneuver and control on the battlefield. They are simple weapons to use but when grouped in a phalanx precise training is required to increase effectiveness. Longspears are reach weapons which can attack an opponent 10 feet (3 meters) away but cannot be brought to bear on adjacent enemies. When set against a charging opponent, a longspear can do double the damage of a regular melee attack.[3]

Macedonian phalanx

Notable longspears