A lord's ensemble was a magical garment worn by the Masked Lords of Waterdeep when meeting with each other. The full set conferred multiple identity-concealing benefits to its wearer.[1]


All lord's ensembles were identical sets consisting of a helm, an amulet, and a robe. They functioned together as a single magic item.[1]


Each part of the ensemble conferred a different set of effects to hide the identity of its wearer:

  • The lord's helm covered the entire head and face of its wearer, including a screen to cover the eyes without hampering vision. The helm magically altered the wearer's voice to a genderless timbre. Additionally, it protected the wearer from magical mind-reading effects, similarly to the protection provided by a ring of mind shielding.[1][2]
  • The lord's amulet, which bore the crest of Waterdeep, hid the wearer from divination magic, including scrying sensors. Its effect was similar to that of an amulet of proof against detection and location.[1][3]
  • The lord's robe created the illusion of the wearer having an androgynous humanoid build about 6 ft (1.8 m) tall. It also conferred immunity to its wearer from being magically restrained or paralyzed, in an effect similar to that of a ring of free action.[1][2]

All these powers only worked within the limits of the city of Waterdeep and its sewers.[1]




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