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Lords of Darkness is a 1st-edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons accessory that was set in the Forgotten Realms. It discussed the origins and goals of the undead. It's purpose is to provide short adventures involving undead that can be easily inserted into a campaign.

The undead. Denied the eternal rest of Death, cursed to wander the many planes and worlds forever, their very existence a mockery of the life they constantly crave yet cannot have. Created by the foulest magics, they have only one thought, one burning goal; revenge against the living. Or do they?

Lords of Darkness is an anthology of short adventures set in various locations in the Forgotten Realms, though you don't need the FORGOTTEN REALMS campaign supplement to use them. Some of gaming's best designers have contributed adventures to this collection, which feature undead of all types and descriptions in all sorts of situations-from skeletons to vampires and worse, from graveyards to haunted houses, and even a few places you may never have expected to find undead.

These adventures can be used one at a time, inserted into an existing campaign as a change of pace, or they can be the basis for an entirely new campaign. Either way, Lords of Darkness will be sure to give AD&D game players plenty of chills and excitement.


  • Introduction (by Ed Greenwood)
  • Tales From Beyond the Grave
    • Skeletons (by Deborah Christian)
    • Ghouls and Ghasts (by Jennell Jaquays)
    • Wights (by Steve Perrin)
    • Shadows (by Deborah Christian)
    • Mummies (by Jennell Jaquays)
    • Vampires (by Jean Rabe and Vince Garcia)
    • Ghosts (by Vince Garcia)
    • Spectres (by Deborah Christian)
    • Lich (by Ed Greenwood)
  • The Night Gallery (details about the NPCs for the DM)
  • A Mundane Guide to Wards (by Ed Greenwood)
  • The Lords of Darkness (by Ed Greenwood, spell descriptions for necromantic and other spells that affect undead)


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AbutsuAlaphlameAlokkairAmeliorAngeliqueAsharla-RhilAumvorDaal KaminDamien NurenDeckon TharDesmore WigheadElegarGarris HominusGemborGrintharkeHieronymous BoscoHlonaghHojo TodahiroHssthakJeremiah MorningmistJildaJohn AmpnerJonathan MorningmistKendra the MadLaocoonLorenMorashaNed FasthandsNuris ElfwardRethekanRugen PhimisterSamantha AmpnerShalaeraSherganilTanomitsu MitsuroTyrkan the WandererUtrecht BronaganVinjarekYamashita IchiroYamashita Obuno




Buildings & Sites
Ezuwara CastleHinton AmpnerBlue DolphinTombs of Deckon TharTor Mak
DaufinRavens Bluff
AnaurochWidden RiverWidden Valley


Magic Items
Cube of LocationDeepchillNether Scrolls
alter beastawaken intelligencechill touchcontrol undeadcorpselightdeath's doordetect undeaddisguise undeadhold undeadimbue undead with spell abilityinvisibility to undeadmummy touchrevenanceskull watchspeak with the deadspectral guardspectral wingssunburstteleport deadundead mountundead regenerationunlifeward against undead


Journal of the Watchful Order of Magists and ProtectorsNotebooks of Jilda the Sage of NeverwinerThe Path of PeaceTome of Eternal Life



  • Editing: Scott Martin Bowles
  • Project Coordinators: Bruce A. Heard, Karen S. Boomgarden
  • Cover Art: Jeff Easley
  • Interior Art: Karl Wailer
  • Cartography: Dave LaForce
  • Typography: Kim Janke
  • Keylining: Stephanie Tabat

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