Lords of Waterdeep: Scoundrels of Skullport is an expansion for the Lords of Waterdeep board game. It consists of two expansion modules – Undermountain and Skullport – that can be used to expand the base game separately or in tandem.

Skullport—also known as the Port of Shadow—is nestled in the heart of Undermountain, deep below the streets of Waterdeep. It is a haven for nefarious crimes, underhanded deals, and back-alley murders. Those who visit Skullport do so at their own peril, for around every corner are new ways to make people disappear. [1]

Gameplay[edit | edit source]


The Undermountain module adds a new mechanic to the game in the form of placing resources on the game board spaces. This can be things like adventurers or even gold. Undermountain buildings are generally more rewarding than normal buildings. For example, one of the new buildings "The Citadel of the Bloody Hand" gives the player 4 fighters when players use it (the owner gets 2 fighters) and then the player must place 1 fighter on 2 different spaces on the board. When a player puts an agent on a space where such resources have been placed, that player gets what the space would normally give them for placing there plus any resources that are on that space. Undermountain quests also tend to be very expensive, but also very rewarding, granting up to 40 victory points at once.


The Skullport module adds another new mechanic to the game called corruption. There is a game board for corruption called the corruption track. There are 25 corruption tokens in the game – one token at the -1 value with three tokens on the rest up to -9. At the end of the game each corruption players have is worth a number of points equal to the highest numbered empty corruption space. So if there is 1 corruption on -5 and no corruption on -4, all corruption tokens in players taverns are worth -4 points at the end of the game. Skullport buildings, like with Undermountain, can also yield greater resources than the base game building, but they tend to also give the player corruption tokens. However, some Skullport buildings and cards will allow a player to return corruption to the track or remove corruption from the game entirely.

Contents[edit | edit source]

  • 3 game boards
  • Rulebook
  • Storage tray
  • 1 player mat (Gray Hands)
  • 37 wooden pieces:
    • 1 score marker (gray)
    • 11 Agents (6 gray, 1 of each other player color)
    • 25 Corruption tokens
  • 116 cards:
    • 6 Lord of Waterdeep cards
    • 50 Intrigue cards
    • 60 Quest cards
  • 50 die-cut pieces:
    • 24 Building tiles
    • 9 Building control markers (gray)
    • 16 Adventurer Caravan tokens
    • 1 100 VP Token (gray)

Cards[edit | edit source]

Lord Cards[edit | edit source]

At the beginning of the game, each player selects a Lord Card from the deck. This card represents the character for the player. The card is kept secret from the other players.

Skullport Module
Undermountain Module

Quest Cards[edit | edit source]

Quest Cards are how Victory Points are gained. They are given at the Cliffwatch Inn. Quests are completed by paying the required resources shown on the card. There are 5 different types of quests, and a quest’s type indicates what sort of Adventurers are most important to completing it:

  • Arcana (Wizard)
  • Commerce (any + gold)
  • Piety (Cleric)
  • Skullduggery (Rogue)
  • Warfare (Fighter)
Skullport Module
Name Quest Type
Assassinate Rivals Warfare
Banish Evil Spirits Piety
Bury The Bodies Skullduggery
Defame Rival Business Commerce
Donate To The City Commerce
Enter The Tower Of Seven Woes Piety
Establish Cult Cell Arcana
Expand Guild Activities Skullduggery
Extort Aurora Commerce
Fix Champions' Games Warfare
Fund Alchemical Research Commerce
Fund Pilgrimmage Of Waukeen Commerce
Give Honor To Mask Piety
Improve Prison Security Warfare
Institute Reforms Piety
Investigate Thayan Vessel Arcana
Patrol Dock Ward Warfare
Pay Fines Commerce
Protect Converts To Eilistraee Piety
Recruit Academy Castoffs Arcana
Renew Guards And Wards Arcana
Rescue A Victim From The Skulls Skullduggery
Sanctify Temple To Oghma Piety
Save Kidnapped nobles Skullduggery
Seal An Enctrance To Skullport Arcana
Shelter Zhentarim Agents Skullduggery
Swindle The Builders' Guilds Skullduggery
Train Castle Guards Warfare
Uncover Drow Plot Warfare
Unocver Forbidden Lore Arcana
Undermountain Module
Name Quest Type
Ally With The Xanathar's Guild Skullduggery
Battle In Muiral's Gauntlet Warfare
Break Into Blackstaff Tower Skullduggery
Deal With The Black Viper Arcana
Defend The Lanceboard Room Skullduggery
Defend The Yawning Portal Warfare
Destroy A Temple Of The Selvetarm Warfare
Diplomatic Mission To Suzail Piety
Establish Temple To Ibrandul Piety
Establish Wizard Academy Arcana
Explore Trobriand's Graveyard Arcana
Impersonate Tax Collector Skullduggery
Obtain Builders' Plans Commerce
Plunder The Island Temple Piety
Ransack Whitehelm's Tomb Commerce
Recover The Flame Of The North Warfare
Recruit For City Watch Commerce
Rescue Clerics Of Tymora Piety
Resurrect Dead Wizards Arcana
Root Out Loviatar's Faithful Piety
Sanctify A Desecrated Temple Piety
Seize City Of The Bloody Hand Warfare
Sponsor Bounty Hunters Commerce
Steal Gems From The Bone Throne Commerce
Study In The Libranium Arcana
Survive A Meeting With Halaster Arcana
Survive Arcturia's Transformation Skullduggery
Threaten The Builder's Guild Commerce
Unleash Crime Spree Skullduggery
Wake The Six Sleepers Warfare

Intrigue Cards[edit | edit source]

Intrigue cards are random bonus or effect cards.

Skullport Module
Name Intrigue Type
Blackmail Attack
Blackmarket Money Utility
Bribe The Watch Utility
Clear Rust Monster Nest Mandatory Quest
Corrupting Influence Utility
Cover Up Scandal Mandatory Quest
Dark Dagger Assassination Utility
Donations For Cyric Utility
Doppleganger Attack
Expose Corruption Attack
Foist Responsibility Attack
Forge Deed Attack
Honorable Example Utility
Hunt Hidden Ghoul Mandatory Quest
Iron Ring Slaves Utility
Mind Flayer Mercenaries Utility
Release The Hounds Utility
Repent Utility
Scapegoat Utility
Undermountain Module
Name Intrigue Type
Allied Faiths Utility
Architectural Innovation Utility
Call For Assitance Attack
Demolish Attack
Evade Assassination Mandatory Quest
Friendly Loan Utility
Honor Among Thieves Utility
Inevitable Betrayal Attack
Information Broker Utility
Manipulate Attack
Mercenary Contract Utility
Open Lord Utility
Organized Crime Utility
Preferential Treatment Attack
Proselytize Utility
Recruitment Drive Utility
Sponsor Apprentices Utility
Subdue Illithid Menace Mandatory Quest
Tax Revolt Utility
Unexpected Success Utility
Unlikely Assistance Utility
Unveil Abyssal Agent Mandatory Quest

Buildings[edit | edit source]

Skullport Module
  • Cryptkey Facilitations
  • Delver's Folly
  • Monsters Made To Order
  • Promenade Of The Dark Maiden
  • Secret Shrine
  • Shradin's Excellent Zombies
  • The Deepfires
  • The Frontal Lobe
  • The Hell Hound's Muzzle
  • The Poisoned Quill
  • The Thrown Gauntlet
  • Thimblewine's Pawnshop
Undermountain Module
  • Belkram's Tomb
  • Citadel Of The Bloody Hand
  • Hall Of Many Pillars
  • Hall Of Sleeping Kings
  • Hall Of Three Lords
  • High Duke's Tomb
  • Room Of Wisdom
  • Shadowdusk Hold
  • The Eye's Lair
  • The Librarium
  • The Lost Cavern
  • Tombriand's Graveyard

Appendix[edit | edit source]

Awards[edit | edit source]

  • 2013 Golden Geek Best Board Game Expansion Winner [2]
  • 2013 Golden Geek Best Board Game Expansion Nominee [2]
  • 2013 Dice Tower Award for Best Board Game Expansion [3]

Game Credits[edit | edit source]

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References[edit | edit source]

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