Lords of Waterdeep is a strategy board game set in the Forgotten Realms setting. Play occurs in the city of Waterdeep.

Waterdeep, the City of Splendors – the most resplendent jewel in the Forgotten Realms, and a den of political intrigue and shady back-alley dealings. In this game, the players are powerful lords vying for control of this great city. Its treasures and resources are ripe for the taking, and that which cannot be gained through trickery and negotiation must be taken by force! [1]

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

In Lords of Waterdeep, you take on the role of one of the masked Lords of Waterdeep, secret rulers of the city. Through your agents, you recruit adventurers to go on quests on your behalf, earning rewards and increasing your influence over the city. Expand the city by purchasing new buildings that open up new actions on the board, and hinder – or help – the other lords by playing Intrigue cards to enact your carefully laid plans. [1]

During the course of play, you may gain points or resources through completing quests, constructing buildings, playing intrigue cards or having other players utilize the buildings you have constructed. At the end of 8 rounds of play, the player who has accrued the most points wins the game. [1]


At the beginning of the game, each player chooses a color, which represent agents of a secret society. [2]

Electronic Version[edit | edit source]

Lords of Waterdeep is a mobile game of Lords of Waterdeep that was developed by Playdek and released by Wizards of the Coast on November 21, 2013.

Expansion[edit | edit source]

An expansion, Lords of Waterdeep: Scoundrels of Skullport, was released in 2013.

Index[edit | edit source]


Brianne ByndraethCaladorn CassalanterDurnan "the Wanderer"Khelben "Blackstaff" ArunsunKyriani AgrivarLarissa NeathalMirt the MoneylenderNindil JalbuckNymara "Kitten" ScheironPiergeiron the PaladinsonSammereza "Sammer" Sulphontis


Caravan CourtDragon TowerFetlock CourtThe Golden HornHelmstar WarehouseHeroes’ GardenHouse of Good SpiritsHouse of HeroesHouse of the MoonHouse of WonderJester’s CourtNew OlamnNorthgate • The Palace of Waterdeep • The Skulkway • Smuggler’s Dock • Spires of the MorningThe Stone HouseThe Three PearlsTower of LuckTower of Order • The Waymoot • Yawning PortalThe Zoarstar



Contents[edit | edit source]

  • Game board
  • Rulebook
  • 5 card stock player mats
  • 121 Intrigue, Quest, and Role cards
  • 130 wooden cubes, pawns, and score pieces
  • Wooden player markers
  • Card stock tiles and tokens representing buildings, gold coins, and victory points

Cards[edit | edit source]

Lord Cards[edit | edit source]

At the beginning of the game, each player selects a Lord Card from the deck. This card represents the character for the player. The card is kept secret from the other players. [2]

Brianne Byndraeth
Caladorn Cassalanter
Durnan "the Wanderer"
Khelben "Blackstaff" Arunsun
Kyriani Agrivar
Larissa Neathal
Mirt the Moneylender
Nindil Jalbuck
Nymara "Kitten" Scheiron
Piergeiron the Paladinson
Sammereza "Sammer" Sulphontis

Quest Cards[edit | edit source]

Quest Cards are how Victory Points are gained. They are given at the Cliffwatch Inn. Quests are completed by paying the required resources shown on the card. There are 5 different types of quests, and a quest’s type indicates what sort of Adventurers are most important to completing it: [2]

  • Arcana (Wizard)
  • Commerce (any + gold)
  • Piety (Cleric)
  • Skullduggery (Rogue)

Warfare (Fighter)

Name Quest Type
Ally With House Thann Commerce
Ambush Artor Morlin Warfare
Bolster City Guard Warfare
Bolster Griffon Cavalry Warfare
Bribe The Shipwrights Commerce
Build A Reputation In Skullport Skullduggery
Confront The Xanathar Warfare
Convert A Noble To Lathander Piety
Create A Shrine To Oghma Piety
Defeat Uprising From Undermountain Warfare
Defend The Tower Of Luck Piety
Deliver An Ultimatum Warfare
Deliver Weapons To Selune's Temple Warfare
Discover Hidden Temple Of Lolth Piety
Domesticate Owlbears Arcana
Eliminate Vampire Coven Piety
Establish Harpers Safe House Skullduggery
Establish New Merchant Guild Commerce
Establish Shadow Thieves' Guild Skullduggery
Explore Ahghairon's Tower Arcana
Expose Cult Corruption Skullduggery
Expose Red Wizards' Spies Arcana
Fence Goods For Duke Of Darkness Skullduggery
Form An Alliance With The Rashemi Piety
Heal Fallen Gray Hand Soldiers Piety
Host Festival For Sune Arcana
Impersonate Adarbrent Noble Commerce
Infiltrate Builder's Hall Commerce
Infiltrate Halaster's Circle Arcana
Install A Spy In Castle Waterdeep Skullduggery
Investigate Aberrant Infestation Arcana
Loot The Crypt Of Chauntea Commerce
Lure Artisans Of Mirabar Commerce
Perform The Penance Of Duty Piety
Placate The Walking Statue Commerce
Place A Sleeper Agent In Skullport Skullduggery
Prison Break Skullduggery
Procure Stolen Goods Skullduggery
Produce Miracle For The Masses Piety
Protect The House Of Wonder Piety
Quell Mercenary uprising Warfare
Raid On Undermountain Skullduggery
Raid Orc Stronghold Warfare
Recover The Magister's Orb Arcana
Recruit For Blackstaff Academy Arcana
Recruit Leiutenant Warfare
Recruit Paladins For Tyr Piety
Repel Seawraiths Warfare
Research Chronomancy Arcana
Retrieve Ancient Artifacts Arcana
Safeguard Eltorchul Mage Commerce
Seal Gate To Cyric's Realm Piety
Send Aid To The Harpers Commerce
Spy On The Lighthouse Commerce
Steal From House Adarbrent Skullduggery
Steal Spellbook From Silverhand Arcana
Study The Illusk Arch Arcana
Take Over Rival Organization Skullduggery
Thin The City Watch Commerce
Train Bladesingers Warfare

Intrigue Cards[edit | edit source]

Intrigue cards are random bonus or effect cards. [2]

Name Intrigue Type
Accelerated Plans Utility
Ambush Attack
Arcane Mishap Attack
Assassination Attack
Bidding War Utility
Bribe Agent Attack
Call For Adventurers Utility
Call In A Favor Utility
Change Of Plans Utility
Conscription Utility
Crime Wave Utility
Fend Off Bandits Mandatory Quest
Foil The Zhentarim Mandatory Quest
Free Drinks Attack
Good Faith Utility
Graduation Day Utility
Lack Of Faith Attack
Placate Angry Merchants Mandatory Quest
Quell Riots Mandatory Quest
Real Estate Deal Utility
Recall Agent Utility
Recruit Spies Utility
Repel Drow Invaders Mandatory Quest
Request Assistance Utility
Research Agreement Utility
Sample Wares Utility
Special Assignment Utility
Spread The Wealth Utility
Stamp Out Cultists Mandatory Quest
Summon The Faithful Utility
Tax Collection Utility

Appendix[edit | edit source]

Awards[edit | edit source]

  • 2012 Meeples' Choice (Nominee)
  • 2012 Guldbrikken Special Jury Prize Winner [3]
  • 2012 Golden Geek Best Strategy Board Game (Nominee) [4]
  • 2012 Golden Geek Best Family Board Game (Nominee) [4]
  • 2012 Golden Geek Best Board Game Artwork/Presentation (Nominee) [4]
  • 2012 ENnie for Best RPG Related Product Silver Winner [5]
  • 2012 ENnie for Best RPG Related Product (Nominee) [5]
  • 2012 Charles S. Roberts Best Science-Fiction or Fantasy Board Wargame (Nominee)
  • 2012 Origins Awards Best Board Game Winner [6]
  • 2012 Origins Awards Best Board Game (Nominee) [6]
  • 2013 Origins Awards Best Board Games (Nominee)[7]

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References[edit | edit source]

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