Loremasters were spellcasters who focused on the acquisition of knowledge.[1]


Spellcasters who had a love for uncovering lost knowledge and gathering huge amounts of eclectic information chose to become loremasters to enhance their ability to use this knowledge to its maximum effect.[1]


As a loremaster became experienced in gathering and using the knowledge obtained, they gained the ability to speak additional languages, remember tiny tidbits of helpful information, and enhance their own abilities.[1]

A loremaster learned information that they could apply to themself. The result was an improvement in the body's capabilities, additional skill in magic, or a new talent that they could use to their own benefit.[1]

A loremaster learned multiple additional languages, using them to gain more access to knowledge.[1]

A loremaster could use their knowledge to recall stories and histories. Later on, the loremaster could cast spells to aid in uncovering information about magical items and artifacts.



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