The Loretaker Creed was not one of the major illithid Creeds in the Realms. They advocated a long-term strategy of gathering all forms of information and slowly depleting information held by other races. They did not care about how useful the information was. This strengthened their community while weakening rival communities.[1]


The Loretakers were unique to the illithid metropolis of Oryndoll.

In Oryndoll, the Loretakers had many places throughout lower Oryndoll named Scriptoriums.[1]


They were formed in the chaos that erupted in Oryndoll as a result of the duergar uprisings around −4000 DR. Oryndoll followed the Loretakers strategy to force other races into barbarism for thousands of years after these events.

By 1370 DR, they were the second-most powerful Creed in the city, following only the Venerator Creed. The city was nearly united under these two Creeds. They even held influence over their own branch of the military, the Minders. By this year they had also renewed their assaults on surface lorehouses.[1]



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