Black Lorog was the head shaman of the Many-Arrows tribe of orcs during the mid–14th century DR. A follower of Gruumsh, she also served as the most senior advisor to their King, Obould I. She commanded fear and enmity among the orcs of the kingdom and reciprocated distrust from the monarch. They worked together, while constantly on the lookout for signs of betrayal from the other.[1]

While Lorog saw King Obould as a great leader, and his rule as a genuine opportunity for the orcs of the north to rise in power, her actions were ultimately self-serving. Like many, she had an intense desire to accumulate more magical power.[1]


True to her nickname, Lorog always dressed in black robes. She possessed a quiet and almost graceful, albeit menacing demeanor.[1]


Black Lorog supported King Obould while simultaneously testing every orc within the tribe that showed any signs of success or leadership. While she threatened their possible betrayal with divine wrath, she assessed how easily they might be manipulated or controlled if Obould should fall. To this end she would endless skulk around the Dark Arrow Keep, constantly observing and listening in on the orcish warriors.[1]


Some of the possessions Lorog kept were a wand of cure moderate wounds, a ring of the ram, and a number of bladed weapons. Among these were various poisoned throwing daggers, typically coated with large scorpion venom or blue whinnis, and a +1 shocking dagger.[1]

Her familiar was a toad, with whom she shared an empathic link.[1]



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