Lorragauth, the Chained Wyrm, was a gargantuan black dragon who lived in Neverwinter Wood centuries prior to 1479 DR.[1]


He lived a centuries-long life, and amassed a great hoard. When Lorragauth sensed his own impending death, he tried to destroy all the lands in his domain. Lorragauth felt that if he must die, so would his "kingdom" die with him. While destroying an area near the edge of his domain, Lorragauth spotted the amethyst dragon Eldenser intruding on his lands. Lorragauth immediately flew at the other dragon, but Eldenser was well prepared, veering away at the last moment and nearly ripping off one of Lorragauth's wings. Lorragauth crashed into a nearby mountainside, coming to a violent death.[1][3]

Over the centuries, Lorragauth's corpse seeped magic into the earth around his final resting place. So potent was this magic that the Red Wizards of Thay constructed a Dread Ring atop Lorragauth's remains, completing their work in the Year of the Elves's Weeping, 1462 DR.[4] The Red Wizards failed to complete their intended ritual, and the Dread Ring was heavily damaged.[5] In the Year of the Ageless One, 1479 DR, Red Wizard agent Valindra Shadowmantle discovered Lorragauth's bones beneath the Dread Ring. She hatched a plan to use the immense power of the rebuilt Dread Ring to bring Lorragauth back as a dracolich.[6]

Although nearly successful, Valindra's plan was thwarted when an adventurer infiltrated the Dread Ring and stopped the dracolich ritual.[7]




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