Lost Tales of Myth Drannor is a book containing a series of six non-canonical [1] Adventurers League adventure modules as well as lore regarding the current state of the city of Hillsfar and the ruins of Myth Drannor. It was initially released in honor of the 50th Gen Con as a softcover book but was later sold on the DM's Guild as a pdf. The designer was Greg Marks, but also contains contributions from the rest of the Adventurers League Administrators as well.


The Darkwood WebsEdit

Sprites beg for help ridding their home of ettercaps and giant spiders.

The Wierding VatsEdit

Goblins, mutated by the power of an intact part of the lost city of Thultanthar, are attacking farms south of Hillsfar.

Spawn of the Maimed VirulenceEdit

The three children of Vorgansharax are fighting amongst themselves in Cormanthor, causing chaos in the forest.

Echoes of the Weeping WarEdit

One of the elfblades has apparently been discovered. Claiming the blade would be quite the feat.

Forgotten FoesEdit

Aldlas Sodhese, the man who brought the Trio Nefarious to Faerûn, has risen in undeath. He must be defeated.

The Definition of HeroismEdit

The Weave has begun to unravel again! The epicentre of this damage is in the ruins of Myth Drannor.