Love's lament was an enchantment spell that forced people to remember their disappointments and lost loves.[1]


On casting love's lament, the caster created a 60-feet-wide (18 meters) cone of music. This music invoked the sadness, guilt, and despair of people within this area and made them hard of hearing. When the affected people were of weak will, the spell forced people to remember the broken hearts and disappointments they'd experienced during their lives. When this happened, the spell expanded these memories such that it had a physically nauseating effect and eroded the sanity of the affected people.[1]


Love's lament required only verbal components.[1]


Tvash-Prull developed spells for bards. In his one and only symphony he magically embedded this and other spells in the sheet music for it to be discovered by bardic spellcasters who had the ability to detect and decipher the spells.[2]



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