There are three deities whom after the Spellplague lay claim to the love domain. One of them was Sheela Peryroyl who represents romantic love and courtship, especially among halflings of whom she was the prominent deity. She was more connected to natural beauty rather than to the aesthetics of art. Sune, was the second deity whom called to her followers to find and collect beauty in all forms and things. Love must be shown daily. Many nobles in cities followed the teachings of lady firehair who thrived on her followers love.[1]

And lastly there was Kiltzi the Maztican goddess of love, lust, and fertility. She did not desire material gifts from her followers, rather loving acts between a man and a woman was considered a form of devotion.


KiltziSheela PeryroylSune

Power Of Love domainEdit

Any divine caster that worshipped a god that claimed the love domain may use the Love Domain. As the divine caster whom chooses to channel the love domain will become more diplomatic. When the caster used a ability that is associated with the love domain they could channel the domain to stop the damage and instead use the energy to give temporary health to its allies, and as the caster reaches greater strengths so does the temporary health. The Powers of this domain are:
Radiant vengeance
Recovery strike
Sun strike
Virtuous strike

Loving sacrifice divinityEdit

To use the divinity of the Love domain one must have had the channel divinity class feat and worship a deity of domain. And when the caster had this it would have gained the ability to use Loving sacrifice

Channel Divinity: Loving SacrificeEdit

The loving tie between the caster and her friends allowed her to take some of the pain that a friend would have suffered alone. It could have been used when a friend close by took damage, and as the caster gains greater strength, the damage taken from a friend is increased. [2]




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