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The love domain was a deity domain associated with romance, beauty, and affection.[1]



This domain focused on improving relations with others, healing allies, and even forming loving bonds.[1]

There were many deities who claimed the love domain after the Spellplague. One of them was Sheela Peryroyl, who represented loving relations, particularly among halflings, of whom she was a prominent deity. She was more connected to natural beauty rather than to the aesthetics of art. Sune called to her followers to father beauty in many different forms. She believed that love must be shown on a daily basis. Many nobles in cities followed the teachings of Lady Firehair, who thrived on her followers' love.[2] Sehanine believed in the passion of new love and thought that it could bring great changes to people.[1] Kiltzi was the Maztican goddess of love, and had many priests who were proficient at aiding others.[3]


Any divine caster that worshiped a god that claimed the love domain would become more diplomatic. When a caster used an ability associated with this domain, they could stop allies coming to harm, and instead use the energy to give temporary health to them. As the caster reached greater power, the amount of health recovered would increase. Powerful life domain clerics could form a loving tie between themselves and their friends. Doing so would allow them to take some of the pain that a friend would have suffered.[1]




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