Loxos (also pluralized as loxoth[4]) appeared as large humanoid elephants with two trunks and bluish-gray skin. They roamed the Shaar in hunter-gatherer groups. Peaceful in nature, Loxos were an isolationist race and had little contact with other sentient races. They first appeared in Faerûn in the 12th century DR, by their claims, having arrived from another world.[2]

Culture[edit | edit source]

Loxos stayed with their own kind but would travel to cities for trade. They ignored the conflicts of the region around them unless it threatened their own people. To them, extremes in life were detrimental whereas balance contributed to the survival of the herd. Although most Loxos lived in the Shaar, some could also be found around the region of the Golden Water.[2]

Loxo clans, also referred to as herds, typically consisted of a few family units and unattached males. Defending the clan were a number of fithik (lieutenants), the lox-fithik (herd-lieutenant or chief), and the tannuk (wizard).[4][3]

Loxos spoke their own language, but also spoke Common and Shaaran to negotiate and trade with others nearby.[2]

They often worshiped their version of the giant deity Hiatea.[2]

Combat[edit | edit source]

Loxos can attack with their trunks although they often use traditional weapons as well. They also have the ability to trample smaller opponents and may go berserk if a clan member is seriously harmed.[2]

History[edit | edit source]

According to loxo historians, loxos settled in the Shaar and the Hordelands somewhere around 1118 DR after coming to Toril on spelljammers.[4]

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