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Lu were a type of nat native to Kara-Tur.[2]


Lu resembled short and stocky humanoids with unkempt hair. They had sharp fangs and claws. They had brilliantly colored blue skin.[2]


Lu were malevolent and had a single purpose: to inflict harm on anyone as much as possible.[2]


In addition to their innate abilities, lu used their sharp teeth and claws as well as basic weapons in combat.[1]


Lu were powerful creatures and had the innate ability to duplicate the effects of become invisible, comprehend languages, dancing blade, deflection, detect shapechanger, dream vision, ESP, levitate, passwall, possess animal, and quickgrowth spells at will.[2]

In addition, they had the innate ability to duplicate the effects of apparition, fire shuriken, melt, stinking cloud, and transfix three times per day, as well as water to poison and wood rot once per day.[2]

The area around a lu was constantly shrouded in an invisible cloud of disease. If a creature encountered this cloud, they were infected with a fatal rotting disease, which defied natural healing abilities or healing spells. Only the strongest creatures were able to survive the infection. Lu were immune to disease and poison and had a resistance to electrical and fire-based spells. Only strong weapons were able to inflict physical damage to a lu.[2]


Lu were found within cemeteries.[2]


Their need for inflicting suffering on an individual could be temporarily mitigated if offered a gift of food.[2]




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