Lucan Greenharrow was an elf wizard who resided at the Hosttower of the Arcane in Luskan, before stealing lore from the tower and relocating to Neverwinter to begin a new life, where he co-founded the Waterclock Guild.[1]


Lucan discovered tendrils of magic beneath the tower, and found that they appeared to pull elemental power from the sea itself, and channel it to the south. Upon learning this, and also learning that he appeared to be alone in this knowledge, he relocated to Neverwinter to begin a new life and attempt to uncover the mystery further.[1]

In Neverwinter, Lucan became acquainted with a waterclock maker named Saborn Rendel. They founded the Waterclock Guild, in which Lucan used his magic to create clocks that were both accurate and beautiful.[1]

Lucan commissioned the building of the crypts beneath the guild, expanding them with the magic he had learned, until it became a sprawling dungeon. The walls of the dungeon contained translucent veins through which sea water flowed.[2]

Lucan constructed a secret laboratory in the crypts, which contained notes on the ritual involving binding water elementals and the ritual used to trap Maegera in Gauntlgrym's Fiery Pit. The notes also contained details on how to repair broken summoning elements.[2]



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