Luenath was the second-largest city in Dambrath.[1]


Situated on the west bank of the River Caraguir where it emptied into the Bay of Dancing Dolphins, Luenath was a prime port city that easily supported the bulk of Dambrath's navy.[1]


Wide, open streets lined the city. Luenath did not have a protective wall.[1]


Many of the ships that harbored in Luenath were pirate vessels or privateers. The steady influx of treasure from these ships strengthened Luenath's market with a wide range of goods.[1]

Luenath was a favorite location for wealthy crinti to enjoy the fabulous Dance of the Dolphins during the winter months.[1]

Armed ForcesEdit

Luenath supported a cavalry of 2,000 soldiers. Ten warships patrolled the harbor at any given time.[1]


Luenath was home to the Duchess Merial of clan Luenath.[1]



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