The Lugsaas, or "Southern Shield", was a chain of mountains in the south of the Great Glacier, which formed the border with the Cold Lands to the south.[1]


The Lugsaas Chain formed the border between Damara and Vaasa in the south and the Alpuk region in the north.[1]

The Lugsaas was the longest and tallest of the three Saas, "Shields", that surrounded and protected the Great Glacier and divided it off from the rest of Toril. This Southern Shield was longer than 1,200 miles, stretching from the Tuutsaas Chain northeast of the Tortured Land to the Angsaas Chain and Sossal.[1]

There were only a few passes through the Lugsaas, in the lower elevations, and they were both dangerous and narrow.[1]

Flora & FaunaEdit

Wild packs of kupuk roamed the lower elevations of the Lugsaas Chain. The peaks were swarming with remorhaz, living in tunnels underneath the ice of the mountains.[2]

A rare, silver-colored moss known as ring moss grew within crevasses in the mountains.[3]


In 1148 DR, a severe earthquake shook the Lugsaas mountains, which was large enough to create a fissure near the base of Mount Okk, which was one of the tallest mountains in the range.[4]




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