Luiren was known as the land of the halflings since its population was almost completely comprised of their race. It was a small kingdom with a population of about 840,000 inhabitants in 1372 DR ruled by the halfling theocrat Faran Ferromar. Travelers to Luiren were often surprised to find the locals adventurous and bold as opposed to the fat and quiet halflings one could find elsewhere.[2] The capital city of Luiren was Beluir, a coastal city of 27,210 souls in 1372 DR in the longitudinal center of the realm.[3]

During the Spellplague, the entirety of Luiren was submerged in the Great Sea and was called the Gulf of Luiren.[4] After the Spellplague ended, the waters began to recede, revealing that some halfling communities had survived as island redoubts.[5]

Halflings of Luiren spoke Luiric.[6]


Luiren was a coastal country with about 600 miles of coastline on the Great Sea.[7] Most of the coastal area was made up of plains, but heavy forests took up the northern, north eastern and western areas.[3]

During the summer months the temperatures in Luiren could exceed 38°C (100°F) and in the winter months it was near constantly raining. Even the strongest and largest trade routes became nearly untraversable for much of the season.[8]

Notable locations

Isle of Quelthiir
A desolate island off the coast of the mainland.[9]
A bay in the Great Sea protected by the Isle of Quelthiir.[10]
A dense forest that encompassed the northern border of Luiren.[3]
Mortick Swamp
The only swamp in the region that was inhabited by merrow and scrags.[3]
Southern Lluirwood
A forest making up the Luiren/Dambrath border.[3]

Notable settlements

The capital of Luiren.[2]
One of Luiren's most prolific mercantile cities.[3]
A port town southeast of the Lluirwood.[10]
A ruined city that was inhabited by ghostwise halflings.[3]




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