Luiren marchwardens were the protectors of the untamed border lands of the halfling homeland. The threats they most often face were monsters encroaching from the wilderness or would-be invaders from neighboring lands.[1]


Marchwardens worked alone or in small groups,[1] with each detachment taking a territory, or march, that they defended against all threats. This area was typically centered around a town, or other landmark like a grove or natural feature, and would extend out to a range of 5 to 25 miles depending on the experience of the marchwarden. [2]


The marchwardens of Luiren gained intimate knowledge of the land they claimed and used this to maximize their abilities while serving as it's guardian. After developing a deep familiarity and connection with an area of land over the period of a month, a marchwarden would sanctify their territory. While in their march, wardens had increased morale, improved reflexes and could better discreetly observe incoming threats. They were even capable of detecting evil and gained abilities like the spells land womb and easy trail.[2]



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