Lumbe was the smallest and farthest moon of H'Catha, the farthest planet from the Sun in Realmspace.[1][2]


The moon was cylindrical in shape, with a length of 600 ft (180 m) and a diameter of 75 feet (23 meters). Like Turnbetl, it orbited H'Catha along the planet's disc in a highly eccentric trajectory, with a perigee distance of 21,500 miles (34,600 kilometers) and an apogee of 817,000 miles (1,310,000 kilometers). In its orbit, the moon rotated around an axis perpendicular to its length, similarly to a twirling baton.[1]

The exterior of the moon had no atmosphere, but its surface had two doors that led inside. With the doors closed, noises could be heard coming from the inside, but they all ceased as soon as any of the doors were opened. The sounds resumed once all visitors left the moon and closed all the doors again.[1]


The moon's interior was a seemingly uninhabited wizard's laboratory filled with thousands of extremely powerful magic items, such as bracers of invulnerability, that were protected by powerful illusions.[1][3]

The laboratory's supply of breathable air was maintained by a constant flow coming out of magical jars. Other bottles scattered throughout the interior exuded a fresh, flowery scent that could be felt throughout the laboratory.[1]


Lumbe was home to the sage Sarelk, a powerful wizard who moved into Realmspace from another crystal sphere, following the Batship. He used the laboratory to research items that could destroy the ship without harming its occupant,[1] Sarelk's wife Burnayette Skyansdanya, who had been trapped inside the ship since the 5th century DR. By the mid‒14th century DR, it was not known whether Sarelk was still alive.[4]




Moons of H'Catha
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