Lunar ravagers were bloodthirsty fey that lived in lodges among the clouds and came to the surface of the world to hunt. Some said that they embodied nature's viciousness.[1]


Lunar ravagers stood about 9 feet (2.7 meters) tall and weighed about 550 pounds (250 kilograms). They had pale skin, females slightly more so than males, and their hair was always blond. Lunar ravagers wore heavy armor and carried a shield and crescent-bladed battleaxe when hunting. They always had a bronze hunting horn with them as well.[1]


Lunar ravagers had some innate magical abilities, but were also powerful fighters.[1]

Their most notable magical ability was that they could teleport themselves back to the cloud lodges, but it was not a quick process and required clear moonlight.[1]


Lunar ravagers were cruel, selfish, and bloodthirsty. Some were less bloodthirsty, focused more on testing their skill than on killing other creatures; these rare ravagers were chaotic neutral and known to occasionally trade.[1]


Lunar ravagers preferred to use their magical abilities to surprise enemies before entering close combat. They would fight until one foe was dead, then try to grab the body and flee to a safe area to teleport back to the lodge.[1]


Lunar ravagers lived in floating lodges built in the clouds; these lodges drifted at random, although the ravagers did have some measure of control, they typically allowed the winds to carry them. Each lodge was home to a lunar ravager clan, which were groups related by blood or marriage. Lunar ravagers' society was based upon the principles of strength, battle prowess, and wealth. They lived by raiding the surface world, and their lodges were often full of treasure and art they had stolen from that place. They disdained crafts as a waste of time.[1]

When two lunar ravager clans met, always by chance, they might trade goods, members, or news, fight, steal from each other, or have a debauched revel, in no particular order.[1]

Lunar ravagers in Toril typically avoided more settled areas, having learned the hard way of the power of wrathful mages and Harpers. In the east, however, rumors claimed that the Red Wizards had entered a pact with several ravager clans, providing the fey with gold and other riches in exchange for transport and mercenary service.[1]



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