Lung Jua, colloquially known as the Dragon Claw, was a petty demon of the Celestial Bureaucracy in T'u Lung.[2]


In 1358 DR, he approached the Celestial Emperor, saying he had seen in T'u Lung too many martial arts schools led by poor teachers and the Emperor agreed. So Lung Jua made his proposal: an agent (obviously himself) would test all mortal schools and only the worthy ones should survive the challenge. The Emperor considered this a good proposal and granted Lung Jua his blessing, ordering all in the Celestial Bureaucracy not to stop him.[3] However, Lung Jua secretly wished to spread his own martial style, which magically enslaved to his will all martial arts experts who chose to study it, creating a huge army in T'u Lung. He also stole the life energies of all his slaves in order to power himself.[4]

He established himself with all his most loyal followers in Panchengjuduohuh, at the place where a temple of the Black Leopard Cult had fallen into the Underdark a long time before. There he waited for all the stolen life energy to drain from his slaves and be stored inside a statue of himself, and posed as only the chamberlain of the Dragon Claw. Finally, Lung Jua was confronted by Ko La Ko and the adventuring party hired by Ko Ho San and, thanks also to the help of the Monkey, they defeated the demon[5]


Lung Jua was always complaining, petty, lazy yet greedy and grasping, vindictive and evil. He only worked on plans created by himself and that benefited him directly. If Lung Jua received any kind of power, he would exploit it as much as he could, making demands, pushing people around, and making them miserable. Lung Jua cared only for himself.[1]


Lung Jua was the master of the martial art known for him, Dragon Claw, which used hooked swords to lock and break an opponent's weapons. He wielded Dragon Claw swords, which had their own powers; it is not know whether Lung Jua forged them himself of if he discovered them. All other Dragon Claw swords were derived from Lung Jua's "master set" of these swords.[1]



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