Luntse Dzong was a fortress located in eastern Khazari.[1]


Nestled within the rocky confines of Ahs Trango Shan, Luntse Dzong was the larger of two fortresses that guarded the entrance into Khazari from the east.[1]


The fortress was built on a rock shelf 600 ft (183 m) above the floor of the mountain pass, offering splendid views of the surrounding terrain. Luntse Dzong stood three stories high. The upper two stories had windows and wooden balconies. The roofs were wood held down by rocks.[1]


The interior of the fortress housed an armory, barracks, storerooms, a hostel for travelers, and a temple for the Yellow Mountain Sect.[1]


Luntse Dzong was surrounded on three sides by steep cliffs. A single narrow winding trail was the only way for a sizable force to approach the stronghold.[1]


Five hundred soldiers were stationed at Luntse Dzong, tasked with the security of the pass and the Silk Road that passed through Khazari. A man named Govinda was their commander. A toll was collected from every caravan that traveled through the pass in exchange for protection from bandits, and the ability to use the hostel of the fortress.[1]



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