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Lupinals were wolf-like guardinals that lived in Elysium and the House of Nature.[3] They often formed temporary packs as they roamed their celestial home, but were just as often solitary.[2][1]

Lupinals looked half-man, half-wolf, with a wolf-like face, silver-grey fur, and legs on a humanoid body. Although they could be mistaken for werewolves, lupinals were considerably more intelligent and poised.[2][1]

Like most guardinals, lupinals were normally peaceful but ferocious when in a fight. They were constantly vigilant against evil incursions, and they were typically suspicious of strangers as well. Lupinals had a variety of spell-like abilities, were very good at stealth (which they used to ambush enemies), and used pack tactics to great effect while fighting.[2][1]

The ruler of the lupinals was Kharash the Stalker.[4] Lupinals were also known to serve the goddess Mystra.[5]


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