Lure was a divine necromancy spell that temporarily transformed a single feature of a person's face or body.[1] It was regularly used by the Sunite clergy to make themselves more attractive.[2]


By casting this spell, the cleric could transform a single feature of their body to match that of another being. They could confer upon themself the eyes of a beast, alter their hand to become a claw or talon, or make similar physical changes. These effects lasted for a matter of hours, depending on the power of the caster.[1]

While the spell always worked if a cleric targeted themself, there was a chance it could fail if cast upon someone else.[2]

Multiple castings of lure could be cast on the same individual. All of these effects could be removed by a single casting of dispel magic.[2]


Lure was one of the spells contained within the relic called the Sash of Sune.[1]


In addition to verbal and somatic components, this spell required a single drop of holy water and a small scrap of skin taken from the caster as a material component.[2]



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