The Lurkwood, also known as Vurykvudd to the dwarves,[1] was a great forest located south of the Spine of the World.[2]


The forest was located north of Grunwald[3], where the Thunderbeast tribe dwelled within the wood.[4] To the east of the wood lay Mithral Hall, the mining community of Mirabar was west, and the town of Nesmé was to the south-east.[5] The edges of Lurkwood were logged by humans, but its shadowy depths were largely mysterious; plagued with legends of bottomless bogs and deadly quicksand.[6]


A bad reputation fell over the forest due to its inhabitants. The southern area of Lurkwood was safe and attracted loggers, hunters, woodsmen from the neighboring communities of Mirabar, Nesmé, and Longsaddle.[7] The rest of the wood was overrun with evil creatures, such as orcs.[8] Other monsters preyed on those who entered the forest, like ettins and giants. Several Uthgardt barbarian tribes lived within the forest as well, such as the Elk, Griffon and Sky Ponies. In the eastern parts of Lurkwood toward Fell Pass, the Gray Wolf tribe lived and hunted, numbering more than fifty lycanthropes.[2]


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