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Lurue (pronounced: /ləˈrluh-RUE[1]), also known as the Unicorn Queen or the Queen of Talking Beasts, was a chaotic good[1] archfey[6] who was often worshiped as a goddess of intelligent and talking beasts.[1] She was worshiped by many unicorns, pegasi, and other intelligent non-humanoid creatures, as well as by romantic and swashbuckling adventurers.[citation needed]


Lurue manifested as a beautiful unicorn surrounded by a silvery nimbus, and stood about 10‒15 ft (3‒4.6 m) tall at the shoulder. She could sprout or retract a translucent pair of silvery wings as she so desired.[2]


Although preferring adventure and exploration instead of battle, if forced into a fight she was an intractable foe. Lurue was said to use a unicorn horn as her weapon.[1]


Lurue was often said to be the daughter of Selûne, and believed to be the daughter of Eachthighern as well.[10] She was the elder sister of Yathaghera, the Winged Queen.[10] She served Mielikki as both friend and steed.[10] She was a close ally with other benign nature deities like Shiallia, Gwaeron Windstrom, Nobanion, and Chauntea, and she was loyal to Silvanus.[1][11]

Lurue considered Malar a foe, and the consideration was completely mutual. Lurue blamed the Beast Lord for assisting the Red Wizards of Thay in their creation of the black unicorns. Malar considered Lurue to be prize game deserving of his hunt.[11]


The holy symbol of Lurue.

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Priests of Lurue prayed for their spells at midnight, most often in a moonlit glade. They were usually adventurers who traversed the land, seeking to better themselves by experiencing new things and righting wrongs.[1]



Candlekeep Mysteries: "Lore of Lurue"



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