The Lustrum was a mithral mine outside of Menzoberranzan.


The Lustrum was located 20 miles from the Pillars of Woe.[1]


The Lustrum was a rich mithral mine. It was a wedge-shaped vault hundreds of feet high, with a narrow and cramped floor.[1]


The rich ore lodes and gem caches of the Lustrum were discovered by the drow circa 1360 DR. It was mined by slaves and soldiers of House Xorlarrin, who hired Bregan D'aerthe to help protect the mines. They believed that should Mithral Hall learn of the mine, their lust would cause another war with Menzoberranzan.[2]

The highest-ranking members of House Xorlarrin were aware that three gemstone golems -- Mulhorandi constructs -- were found intact in a silver vein in the Lustrum, though how they got there was a mystery.[2]

The mine was abandoned (at least temporarily) in 1372 DR during the duergar invasion of Menzoberranzan. At this time, Nimor Imphraezl of the Jaezred Chaulssin staged negotiations here with Horgar Steelshadow of Gracklstugh and Kaanyr Vhok to determine how much of the war's spoils would go to each party.[3]